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Past events 2005

Type Date Location Name Description
Summer School 2005 January 24 - February 5 Canberra, Australia Machine Learning Summer School 2005 Deadline for early registration is Dec 15th 2004
Conference 2005 January 31 - February 4 University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic close to Prague 13th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2005 Paper registration Deadline 2004 October 11.
Phd Course 2005 February 28 13:00-15:00 (first lecture) IMM DTU, room 206 building 321 Advanced Topics in Image Analysis, Computer Graphics, and Geoinformatics Organized by Rasmus Larsen
Symposium 2005 March 10-11 Ubåtshallen, Teknik och samhälle, Malmö högskola SSBA 2005 Swedish Symposium on Image Analysis. Paper submission deadline: February 4. Registration deadline: February 28.
Workshop 2005 March 31 - April 1 Copenhagen, Denmark PDE Methods in Computer Graphics Extended abstract deadline: March 1. Invited speakers are: Matthias Teschner, Robert Bridson, Benny Lautrup, Vladimir Titarev.
Workshop 2005 April 1-3 The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen ERCIM Working Group on Matrix Computation and Statistics The Sixth Workshop with main theme "Data Analysis - A key technology in Modern Society". Paper submission deadline: March 10, 2005.
Lecture 2005 May 9, 15:00-16:30 DTU Auditorium 1, Building 101A Energy Conservation in Adaptive Filtering IEEE Distinguished Lecture with Prof. Ali H. Sayed, UCLA USA
Phd Course 2005 May 17-20 ITU, room 3A.18 Statistical Models of Images Lecturers: Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Martin Lillholm
Meeting 2005 May 25 DIKU Robotdag Defense Andre Lindskov Andersen and talk by professor Henrik Christensen
Talk 2005 June 1, 9:00-10:00 ITU, Auditorium 4 Natural Language Models Talk by David MacKay
Meeting 2005 June 1-3 DTU Visiondays Medical, industrial and graphical visiondays
Seminar 2005 June 3 (friday) 14:00 DTU IMM, Building 321, Room 053 Dynamics and Interaction With Roderick Murray-Smith, Department of Computing Science, Glasgow University and Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Eire. Seminar in the Intelligent Sound project.
Workshop 2005 June 9-10 Maastrich DSSCV 2005 International Workshop on Deep Structure, Singularities and Computer Vision with Mads Nielsen and Ole Fogh Olsen among the organizers. Paper deadline: 2005 March 11.
Course 2005 June 16-22 DIKU Signal- og billedbehandling for biomedicinske forskere Lecturers: Jens Damgaard Andersen and Jon Sporring. PDF
Workshop 2005 June 19-22 Joensuu, Finland SCIA 2005 14th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis with Knut Conradsen in the program committee.
Workshop 2005 June 20-21 Stony Brook, New York, USA VG05 4th International Workshop on Volume Graphics. Deadline for receipt of full-length papers: 2005 January 10.
Conference 2005 June 27-30 Bertinoro, Italy COLT 2005 The Eighteenth Annual Conference on Learning Theory.
Talk and PhD defense 2005 July 1 ITU, Rued Langgaardsvej 7 Medical Image Registration in Healthcare, Biomedical Research and Drug Discovery and Modeling and simulation of tissue formation and growth and Quantification of asymmetry in medical image analysis Talks by Daniel Ruecker, Gabor Szekely and Nanna Glerup
Conference 2005 July 4 London, UK Non-visual and Multimodal Visualization 2nd International Conference on Non-visual and Multimodal Visualization. Associated and co-located with International Conference on Information Visualization. Paper deadline: 1st March 2005.
Summer School 2005 July 24-29 Plymouth, UK 3rd Summer School on Pattern Recognition With Brian Ripley, Chris Bishop and others, Themes: Bayesian Pattern Recognition, Non-parametric Pattern Recognition, Unsupervised Pattern Recognition and Visualisation, Classification and Optimisation, Statistical and Fuzzy Methods
Workshop 2005 August 15-18 Klarskovgaard Conference Center, Korsør, Denmark 2005 Inaugural Workshop on Intelligent Sound Reply before 2005 May 1 to Ulla Nørhave.
Conference 2005 August 18-19 DIKU DSAGM 05 The 14'th Danish National Conference on Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition (Den 14'ende danske konference i Mønstergenkendelse og Billedanalyse) organized by Søren Ingvor Olsen
Lecture 2005 August 22 DTU IMM The Local Field Potential and Neural Responses Lecture by Thomas Lauritzen, Redwood Neuroscience Institute and UCS. Organized by Ole Winther.
Courses 2005 August 22-26 DTU IMM, building 321, room 133 Advanced Signal Processing Bayesian learning, generalization, and asymptotic theory, NPAIRS-Resampling based evaluation of adaptive systems, Monte Carlo methods in Bayesian modeling, Matlab Exercises
Talks 2005 August 30, 15:00-17:00 DTU IMM, room 053 "Sound in Speech" and "What the speaking brain can tell us about functional imaging" Two i-sound project talks on human speech processing: Diana Van Lancker Sidtis, Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, New York University and John J. Sidtis, Department of Psychiatry New York University Medical School and Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research
Workshop 2005 September 7, 13-16:00 DTU IMM, Building 308, lecture hall 38, 13-16:00 Matlab-for Large-Scale Problem Cleve Moler, Anders Højbjerg Andersen and Anders Dan-Nielsen, COM, DTU, Henrik Toft Pedersen, Novo Nordisk, Tim B. Dyrby, Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance Neuroimaging, Toke K. Jensen and Jesper Pedersen, IMM, DTU.
Conference 2005 September 9-11 Aronsborg outside Stockholm 3rd Nordic Workshop on Neuroinformatics Organization: Anders Lansner and Sten Grillner. Abstract deadline: July 15th
Conference 2005 September 11-14 Gromada Hotel Conference Center, Warsaw, Poland ICANN 2005 The 15th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks. Deadline for submission: 2005 February 15.
Seminar 2005 September 20, 14:00-17:00 Oticon Eriksholm Research Centre, Kongevejen 243, DK-3070 Snekkersten Computational Auditory Scene Analysis Arranged by IEEE Denmark Section and Oticon A/S. Free of charge. Participation limit 75. Registration to Søren Riis (skr [a] oticon. dk), by Sept. 15, 2005
Lecture series 2005 September 7+14+21+28, october 5, 10:00-11:00 DTU IMM, Building 321/305, Room 053 5 lectures about computation in Matlab Cleve Moler from Mathworks
PhD Courses 2005 October 25-26 Rigshospitalet, Auditorium 93 Multimodal Brain Imaging Organized by Gitte Moos Knudsen
Conference 2005 October 26-29 Riviera Resort, Palm Springs, California, USA MICCAI 2005 8th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention. 2005 April 11 is paper deadline.
Talk 2005 October 27 DTU, Building 352, Room 019 The use of auditory perception models in industry Speaker: Steven van de Par, Philips Research Laboratories, Digital Signal Processing Group, Eindhoven
Seminar 2005 November 2, 15:15-16:15 DTU IMM, Building 321 room 033. Graphics Cards Bent Dalgaard Larsen
"Talk" 2005 November 7, 15:00 DTU IMM, Building 321 room 033. Neurorobotics - learning about the brain by building autonomous robots Dr.Techn. Harri Valpola, Helsinki University of Technology
PhD-defense 2005 November 8, 14:00 DTU IMM, Building 321 room 033. Mean Field ICA Kaare Brandt Petersen
Master thesis defense 2005 November 11, 14:00 DTU IMM, Building 321 room 033. Multivariate Calibration Stud.polyt. Lars Nørgaard, Vejleder: Professor Lars Kai Hansen, IMM; Censor: Lektor Lars Nørgaard, KVL, Dept. Food Science/Food Technology
Seminar 2005 November 16, 15:15-16:15 DTU IMM, Building 321 room 033. Wind Power Forecasting - Why and How? Henrik Aalborg Nielsen
Meeting 2005 November 25, 12:00-18:00 Panum Institute Neurodag 2005 With keynote by Per Andersen (Sydney Brenner does not attend)
Talk 2005 December 6, 15:30-17:00 Rigshospitalet, NRU Probing neural tissue structure with Diffusion Tensor Imaging Lawrence R. Frank, Ph.D., Professor of Radiology, UCSD Center for Functional MRI. Functional Imaging Group meeting at NRU.
Course 2005 December 5-9 ITU Non-Linear Shape Modelling Organized by Ole Fogh Olsen and Camilla Jensen
"PhD proto-course" 2005 Autumn, Tuesdays 14:00+ DTU IMM, Building 321 room 133. Cognitive Engineering With Søren Kyllingsbæk, Lars Kai Hansen and others
Course 2005 Autumn DTU Computational Geometry Processing Henrik Aanæs, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, Jens Gravesen.
PhD course 2005 November 16+30, December 14, 9 am - 5 pm all 3 days ITU Academic Writing  

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