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Past events 2004

Meeting 2004 January 30 DTU Bygning 308 auditorium 12 Content day Møde om computegrafiske applikationer med bl.a. Henrik Wann Jensen.
Talk 2004 Feb. 11, 14:00-15:00 IMM, DTU, Room 053 Computer-aided diagnosis at the Image Sciences Institute Bram van Ginneken from the Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands
Talk 2004 Feb. 13, 13:00 DTU, 308 lecture room 12. Subdivision Surfaces at Walt Disney Feature Animation Talk by Rasmus Tamstorf. Rasmus received his MScEE degree from IMM, DTU and is presently at Walt Disney Feature Animation. Organized by Andreas Bærentzen.
Workshop 2004 March 3, 13:00 - 17:30 Nokia, Sydhavnsgade 17, Copenhagen Second Danish IEEE Workshop on Advanced Signal Processing for Communication Systems Talks by Ole Nørklit, Lars Christensen, Jörgen Nordberg, Xuefeng Yin, Fredrik Tufvesson, Fredrik Brännström, Bin Hu, Ole Winther, Jan Mark de Haan, Zoltan Safar
Talk 2004 March 16, 15.30 NRU, building 9201, Juliane Mariesvej 24, Rigshospitalet The role of premotor cortex when the content of consciousness is changed Talk in the "FIG meeting" series by Mark Schram Christensen, - student from DTU and DRCMR
Meeting 2004 March 31 Slagthuset, Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A, Malmö, Sweden Medicon Valley Annual BioMeeting 2004 Medicon Valley Annual BioMeeting. CANCELLED!
Talk 2004 March 30, 15.30 NRU, building 9201, Juliane Mariesvej 24, Rigshospitalet Retinotopic mapping and Stereovision Talk in the "FIG meeting" series by Kristoffer Madsen, - student from DTU and DRCMR
PhD defense 2004 April 1, Thursday, 13:15 DTU, Building 305, room 053. Generative Interpretation of Medical Images PhD. defense by Mikkel B. Stegmann.
Seminar 2004 April 2 friday 9:00-12:00. DTU, IMM, room 053 building 321 Medical Image Analysis Seminar Talks by Milan Sonka, Iowa University, Daniel Rueckert, Imperial College and Tim Cootes, University of Manchester
Talk 2004 April 19, 13:00-17:00 IDA, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33 1780 København V Noise Suppression for Mobile Communications and Hearing Aids Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Vary, RWTH Aachen, Institut für Nachrichtengeräte & DV
Conference 2004 May 11-14 Prag ECCV 2004 The 8th European Conference on Computer Vision
PhD-course 2004 May 17-21 IT University of Copenhagen Shape Analysis in Medical Imaging Ph.D. course by Marleen de Bruijne with Mikkel B. Stegmann, Erik Dam, Mads Nielsen, Content: Shape representation, Kendall's shape space, ..., Active Shape Models, Active Appearance Models, ...
Conference 2004 May 17-24 Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada ICASSP 2004 The 2004 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing conference. Paper deadline: 2003 October 24.
Workshop 2004 May 24-27 Gentofte Hotel CISP Workshop The annual CISP workshop.
Meeting 2004 June 2-4 DTU DTU Vision Days Annual image meeting
Conference 2004 June 9-11 Meripuisto, Espoo, Finland NORSIG 2004 6th NORDIC SIGNAL PROCESSING SYMPOSIUM with submission deadline 2004 February 29
Conference 2004 June 13-17 Budapest, Hungary HBM 2004 International Conference on Functional Mapping of the Human Brain with Abstract submission deadline 2004 January 15.
Master Thesis defense 2004 June 29 DTU Building 321/053 Human Visual Cortex, Investigations using fMRI Master thesis defense by Kristoffer Madsen
Workshop 2004 July 2 Washington D.C. GMBV 2004 2nd International Workshop on Generative Model Based Vision
Graduate Summer School 2004 July 12-23 UCLA, California Mathematics in Brain Imaging "The intended audience is graduate students, though all may attend. Some travel funding is available for students".
Master Thesis defense 2004 June 29 DTU Building 321/053 Human Visual Cortex, Investigations using fMRI Master thesis defense by Kristoffer Madsen
Workshop 2004 July 2 Washington D.C. GMBV 2004 2nd International Workshop on Generative Model Based Vision
Lecture 2004 July 6 Tuesday 13:15 DIKU, lille UP1 Telepresence - the Next Communications Paradig Ingrid Carlbom Bell Laboratories Murray Hill, NJ, USA
PhD-defense 2004 August 13 DTU building 321 room 053 Learning with Uncertainty - Gaussian Processes and Relevance Vector Machines PhD-defense by Joaquin Quiñonero Candela with Lars Kai Hansen and Carl Edward Rasmussen as supervisors and Bo Friis Nielsen, Christopher K. I. Williams and Jens Damgaard Andersen as censors.
PhD course 2004 August 16-20 DTU IMM, Lecture room 133 Build 321 Advanced Signal Processing 2004 Teachers: Ole Winther, Jan Larsen and Lars Kai Hansen. Bayesian signal processing, Exact inference, Gaussian processes, Generalization.
Conference 2004 August 19-20 DIKU, University of Copenhagen Den 13. Danske Konference i Mønstergenkendelse og Billedanalyse Dansk Selskab for Automatisk Genkendelse af Mønstre (DSAGM) yearly conference.
Conference 2004 September 7-10 Vienna, Austria EUSIPCO-2004 12th European Signal Processing Conference. Submission of Camera-Ready, Final Papers: January 16, 2004
Workshop 2004 September 7-10 Sheffield, United Kingdom Sheffield Machine Learning Workshop
Seminar 2004 September 14 (tuesday) 15:15-17:00 room 133, building 321, DTU 1) Diffeomorphic Statistical Shape Models. 2) Soft Tissue Modeling for Diagnosis and Medical Simulation. Two talks by Tim Cootes, Manchester University, United Kingdom and Hervé Delingette, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France.
PhD defense 2004 September 15 (wednesday) 13:30 Oticon A/S, Research Centre Eriksholm Kongevejen 243, 3070 Snekkersten (near Helsingør) Statistical Shape Analysis of the Human Ear Canal with Application to In-the-Ear Hearing Aid Design PhD defense with Rasmus Reinhold Paulsen. Supervisors: Lektor, ph.d. Rasmus Larsen, Professor Knut Conradsen, Research Director Hervé Delingette og Civilingeniør, ph.d. Søren Laugesen (Oticon A/S).
Workshop 2004 September 17-19 Skiphelle Kurs- & Konferansehotell, Norway 2nd Nordic Neuroinformatics Workshop (NNIW-2004) Workshop organized by Jan G. Bjaalie, Gaute T. Einevoll, John Hertz
Conference 2004 September 23-24 Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen SIMS 2004 The 45th Conference on Simulation and Modelling.
Conference 2004 September 26-29 Rennes, Saint-Malo, France MICCAI 2004 7th Internation conferences on Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention
Talk 2004 October 7 10:00. Auditorium 1 at the IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Copenhagen S Motion Computation in Image Sequences with Variational Methods Talk by Joachim Weicker
Phd defense 2004 October 7 13:00 Auditorium 1 at the IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Copenhagen S Computional Methods for Motion Recovery, Motion Compensated Inpainting and Application PhD defense with Francois Lauze
Talk 2004 October 19. Neurobiology Research Unit Diffusion Imaging in Parkinsonism FIG meeting with Katja Krabbe from DRCMR.
Informal workshop 2004 November 2-4 Neurobiology Research Unit SPM and Co. workshop Informal workshop on the technical issues of neuroimage analysis.
Conference 2004 November 5, 12:00-18:00 Panum institute, Copenhagen. Neurodag Keynote speaker is professor Semir Zeki. From the homepage: "Neurodag" is an informal one-day conference with the aim of assembling national and international neuroscientists from basic sciences, clinical research and the medical industry for an intensive discussion and exchange of knowledge and experience.
Talk 2004 November 15, 15:30, monday MR-department, Hvidovre Hospital The physiological basis of functional MRI Talk by Prof. Richard B. Buxton from University of California, San Diego
Course 2004 November 16-17 KULeuven University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium 3rd Leuven Hands-on Clinical fMRI Course
Talk 2004 November 22 19:30 Ingeniørhuset, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, København V Medicinsk billedbehandling IEEE and IDA meeting with Nuno V. Hermann og Tron A. Darvann, Tandlægeskolen, KU.
Lectures 2004 November 19+23+26+30 and December 3. DTU, IMM, building 321, room 053 Multivariate Interpolation by Radial Basis Functions Lecturer is Professor Mike J.D. Powell, Cambridge University
Talk 2004 November 30, 13:00 DTU, IMM, Building 321, rum 133 A Multi-Tier Theoretical Framework for Understanding Spoken Language Talk by Steven Greenberg, Centre for Applied Hearing Research, Technical University of Denmark. See IMM event list
Talk 2004 November 30 Neurobiology Research Unit Modellering af ikke hvide støj bidrag i fMRI og inflydelsen på enkeltperson analyser FIG meeting with Torben Lund from DRCMR.
Symposium 2004 December 2, 13:00-17:00 DTU IMM, Building 321, room 053 Nonlinear Compensation of Loudspeakers. Organized by IMM and Oersted.DTU in collaboration with IEEE Denmark Section and AES Denmark Section
Talk 2004 December 3 (friday), 13:30-14:30 DTU, Building 352, room 019 Psychoacoustics and modern media systems Prof. Armin Kohlrausch from Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven (Digital Signal Processing Group) and the Technical University of Eindhoven (NL)
Conference 2004 December 13-18 Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. NIPS 2004 Eighteenth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems. Program.
Seminar 2004 December 15, 14.15 - 16.00 DTU IMM Room 206. Shape particle filtering for image segmentation Marleen de Bruijne, ITU. 7th seminar in Modellering af biologisk form
Conference 2004 December 16-18 Louisville, Kentucky, USA ICMLA '04 The Third International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications
Seminar 2004 autumn, wednesdays DTU IMM, Room 206 (usually) Modellering af biologisk form Seminar med det overordnede mål at diskutere metoder af fælles interesse, under overskriften "Modellering af biologisk form", herunder dataoptagele, registrering, modellering, punkt-korrespondence og warping.
Course 2004 autumn, fridays. First: August 27 ITU PDE's and Energy methods in Computer Vision Autumn 2004 Teachers will be Mads Nielsen, Kim Steenstrup Pedersen, Francois Lauze og Ole Fogh Olsen. Linear scale space theory, Non-linear scale space theory and Partial Differential Equation (PDE) based, image analysis. Variational calculus methods, ...

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