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Past events 2002

Talk 2002 January 14, 14:00 - Postponed! Room 2.63, IT-University, Glentevej 67, DK-2400 NV Feature-based image analysis Martin Lillholm will defend his halfway research report
Talk 2002 January 15, 16:00 Lille Auditorium at DIKU A graph description of 2-D surfaces in 3-D images by differential geometric properties "Specialeforsvar" by Bo Brandt.
Talk 2002 January 15, 13:00-15:00 IMM, Building 450, room 105 Artificial Neural Networks - Learning and Generalization Talk given by Woiciech Jedruch.
Basic concepts of artificial neural networks - their structures, methods of learning, generalization and applications.
1. Structures of ANN - feedforward and recursive networks.
2. Feedforward networks as classificators and approximators. Number of layers required.
3. Back propagation method of learning and acceleration of convergence.
4. Generalization problems.
5. Examples of application.
Workshop 2002 January 16, 10:00-16:00 UP1, DIKU Workshop in UP1, DIKU Workshop in UP1, DIKU organized by Peter Johansen with talks of Mads Nielsen, Benny Lautrup, Peter Giblin, Lewis Griffin.
Talk 2002 January 17. 13:00-15:00 IMM, Building 450, room 105 Neural Networks versus Other Learning Structures Talk given by Woiciech Jedruch.
Overview of basic machine learning algorithms and structures, and their relation to artificial neural networks.
1. General concepts of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning.
2. Gradient, evolutionary, random search, simulated annealing, and ID3 algorithm as the tools for supervised learning.
3 Neural networks, fuzzy inference systems, genetic programing trees, and decision trees as the basic learning structures. 4. Common problems of supervised learning and the ways of improvement.
Talk 2002 January 25, 13:00 Room 053, Building 321, IMM, DTU Blind Separation of Heavy Tail Signals Ph. D. defense by Preben Kidmose.
Employment 2002 May 1 - 2003 April 30 IMM, DTU Dörthe Malzahn Dörthe Malzahn employed as adjunkt paid by CISP, IMM. Contact: Lars Kai Hansen.
Poster presentation 2002 May 23 13:00-15:00 ISP, IMM, DTU, 2nd Floor , Building 321 02455 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Poster presentation as part of the examination by the students following the project course. According to Lars Kai Hansen everybody is allowed to ask frying questions to the poor students after the examination. Censor is Claus Svarer.
Seminar 2002 May 24 (friday), 14:00-15:00 ISP, IMM, DTU, Room 133, Building 321 Bayesian methods for ICA and related generative models Jaakko Sarela
Helsinki University of Technology
Neural Networks Research Centre
P.O. Box 9800, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland
Course 2002 May 21-24 IT-C Numerical Geometry of Images The lectures will be given by professor Ron Kimmel, Computer Science Department, Technion. Exercises in the afternoon will be supervised by Alon Spira. For registration please contact Lotte Moeller, lm (a) itu. dk.
Conference 2002 May 28 - June 2 Palladium, Industriens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark European Conference on Computer Vision 2002 (ECCV 2002) Conference organized by Image groups in the Ørestad region.
Workshop 2002 May 29 Building 321, room 053 IMM DTU MIMO and Multi User Detection in Wireless Communication Work Shop Workshop organized by Thomas Fabricius.
Talk 2002 May 31 11:00 ISP, IMM, DTU, Dynamic Component Analysis Master thesis defense by Rasmus Elsborg Madsen. Censor is Ulrik Kjems.
Workshop 2002 June 1 Copenhagen, Denmark International Workshop on Growth and Motion in 3D Medical Images A workshop in conjunction with ECCV 2002. Submission Deadline January 11, 2002. A selected number of papers will be published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. Organizers are Jon Sporring, Wiro Niessen and Joachim Weickert.
Workshop 2002 June 1-2 Copenhagen, Denmark Statistical Methods in Video Processing Workshop Paper Submission (electronic) Due: February 26, 2002
Information and demonstration 2002 June 3-4 DTU, Building 308 DTU visiondage Annual meeting about industrial and medical image processing and vision systems. Overall program. Computer graphics program
Talk 2002 June 7 16:30 ISP, IMM, DTU, Adaptive tools in virtual environments Ph. D. defense by Thomas Kolenda
Talk 2002 June 10 ISP, IMM, DTU, RF inhomogenitetens indflydelse på MR scan Master thesis defense by Tim Dyrby. Censor is Claus Svarer.
Seminar 2002 May 21 (tuesday), 14:00-15:00 ISP, IMM, DTU, Room 133, Building 321 Adaptive mixtures of adaptive algorithms By Anibal R. Figueras -Vidal, Department of Signal Processing and Communications of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Reading group 2002 April 22, 13:00-14:30 DSP, IMM, DTU, room 119 Reading group Reading group in Sam Roweis and Zoubin Ghahramani A Unifying Review of Linear Gaussian Models
Talk 2002 April 16, 14:30 IMM, DTU, room 119 Finding related functional neuroimaging volumes Bisquit meeting talk about simple image retrieval by Finn Årup Nielsen
Workshop 2002 April 8-12 Bornholm CISP Workshop on Bornholm Graduate school workshop on Bornholm.
Talk 2002 March 20 IMM DTU, Bygning 321, rum 053 Neuroinformatics in Functional Neuroimaging Ph.D. defense by Finn Årup Nielsen, Supervisors: Lars Kai Hansen, Jan Larsen. Opponents: Poul Thyregod, Per Roland, Jens Damgaard Andersen.
Talk 2002 March 15 IMM DTU, Bygning 321, rum 053 A Variational Approach to Gaussian Process Models and Support Vector Machines Seminar with Doerthe Malzahn, Dept Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
Course 2002 February 6, 15:00 Room 012 Building 321, IMM, DTU Course 02902, Advanced Methods and Models in Applied Statistics Planning meeting for PhD. course. Contact Ellen Borup.
Workshop 2002 February 4 Lund Computer vision Computer Vision hosted by Gunnar Sparr.
Course 2002 February 4, 12:00 Room 130 Building 305, IMM, DTU Advanced course in optimization and data fitting First meeting in a course organized by Hans Bruun Nielsen: Global optimization, nondifferentiable optimization, surrogate models, surface fitting, Kriging.
Talk 2002 February 26, 16:00 Det Humanistiske Fakultet, KUA, lok. 6.1.66 Parallel and Serial Selective Processing in Vision Ph.D. defense by Søren Kyllingsbæk
Ph-D Course 2002 June 10-14 Building 321, IMM, DTU 02901 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Focus on Independent Component Analysis. Ph.D.-course organized by Lars Kai Hansen, Ole Winther. DTU course catalogue: 02901.
Doctoral defense 2002 June 25, 14:00 Meeting room 1, 1st floor, Building 101A, DTU Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps: From Distortion- to Information-Based Self-Organization Defense of doctoral thesis by Senior Associate Professor Marc M. Van Hulle from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.
Course 2002 August 12-16 Jyväskylä, Finland STAT1 Statistical Shape Analysis Summer school Ph. D. course with Ian Dryden as lecturer
Course 2002 August 19-23 Jyväskylä, Finland STAT2 Pattern Theory and its Applications Summer school Ph. D. course with Ann B. Lee (Brown University) as lecturer. "The course will include topics from various areas such as signal processing, language, image analysis, and Bayesian statistical inference --- with special reference to vision and the pattern theory practice at Brown (by e.g. Mumford, Zhu, Geman, and Grenander)."
Conference 2002 August 22-23 DIKU, Københavns Universitet Den 11'ende Danske konference i Mønstergenkendelse og billedanalyse Organiseret af Dansk Selskab for Automatisk Genkendelse af Mønstre. Call for paper deadline: 2002 July 1.
Course 2002 August 26-28 9:00-16:00 IT-C, room 2.47 and 3.15 Image Registration and Medical Applications Ph. D. course with Julia Schabel.
Workshop 2002 August 29-31 IMM, DTU Eleventh International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics Workshop organized by Hans Joachim Werner and Knut Conradsen
Course 2002 September 12. and 19. 9.00-11:00 AM DTU/IMM, Richard-Petersens-Plads, Building 321, Room 133. A Statistical Physics Approach to Bayesian Inference. Two extra lectures Ph. D. course with Dörthe Malzahn.
Talk 2002 September 12, 15:30 Room 133, Building 321, IMM, DTU Independent Component Analysis for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Talk by Tülay Adali.
Ph.D.-Course 2002 October 20(21)-24, Room 053, Building 305/321, IMM, DTU Medical Imaging and Image Analysis Course by Milan Sonka.
Talk 2002 October 25 (friday), 9:15 AM Auditorium 5, HC Ørsted instituttet Genetic Fuzzy Systems Talk by Frank Hoffman Center for Autonomous Systems CVAP Numerical Analysis and Computing Science Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Talk 2002 October 29, 15:30-17:00 Rigshospitalet, NRU Using cluster analysis for estimation of an input curves for dynamic PET studies. Talk by Matthew G. Liptrot, see FIG list
Workshop 2002 November 5. Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen Dynamic Simulation, Theory and Real-Life Applications Organized by Kenny Erleben, Jon Sporring and Knud Henriksen. The event is free, but please register before Tuesday October 29. 2002.
Talk 2002 November 26, 15:30-17:00 (postponed to spring) Rigshospitalet, NRU SEGRAS - One way of doing MR segmentation with the special aim of white matter lesion segmentation Talk by Tim Dyrby, see FIG list
Talk 2002 November 13, 12:00-13:00 ITU, Glentevej 67, room 2.03 Non-Iterative Heteroscedastic Linear Dimension Reduction for Two-Class Data: From Fisher to Chernoff Talk by Marco Loog, Utrecht University organized by Camilla Jørgensen
Seminar 2002 November 22 Friday, 15:15-16:30 IMM DTU, Building 322, room 127 Independent Component Analysis Talk by Lars Kai Hansen organized by Hanne Riis Nielson at Computer Science and Engineering division
Informal workshop 2002 November 26 DTU, Auditorium 37, bldg. 306 Shaderday "A series of talks about computer graphics with emphasis on real-time shading. It is free to attend, but would like to know how many show up. Therefore, if you want to attend please send us an email (graphics (a) imm. dtu. dk) no later than Friday November 15."
Meeting 2002 November 27 DTU Meeting Meeting in Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering
Workshop 2002 November 28 IMM, DTU, Building 321, Auditorium 053. IMAGE ANALYSIS & COMPUTER GRAPHIC - 4th Annual Workshop Annual workshop (and get together) for image analysis and computer graphics sections at IMM.
Talk 2002 November 29, 15:00 COM, DTU, Building 371, Room 127 Complexity and Information in Statistical Modeling Talk by Jorma Rissanen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland, organized by Søren Forchhammer
Seminar 2002 December 2, Monday, 14:00-15:00 Informatics and Mathematical Modelling (IMM) DTU, Building 321, Room 053. Event-related brain dynamics: Time-varying interdependence among cortical domains Seminar with Scott Makeig organized by Lars Kai Hansen.
PhD defense 2002 December 4, 14:00 IMM DTU, Building 321/305, room 053 Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI for Perfusion Quantification PhD defense by Civilingeniør Irene Klærke Andersen. Supervisors: Lars Kai Hansen, Henrik Larsson. Examiners: Lektor Jan Larsen, IMM; Dr. Fernando Calamante, Radiology and Physics Unit, University College of London; Afdelingslæge Leif Østergaard, Århus Universitets Hospital. Chairman: Lektor Helge B. Dissing Sørensen, Ørsted-DTU
Conference and Workshop 2002 December 9-14 Vancouver, Canada NIPS*2002 Submission deadline 2002 July 1. Novelty: demonstration track.

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