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Event-related brain dynamics: Time-varying interdependence among cortical domains

Seminar Monday Dec 2, 2002, 14:00-15:00
Informatics and Mathematical Modelling 
DTU Building 321, Room 053.

Scott Makeig
Swartz Center for Computational Research
Institute for Neural Computation
University of California San Diego 
La Jolla CA 92093-0961 --
High-dimensional recordings from the human scalp contain rich information 
about human cortical event-related brain dynamics. Until recently,
interpretation of theses data has been severely limited by the use of simple
response averaging methods originally introduced for fitting simple
'bottom-up' models of sensory perceptual processing. Recent neurophysiological 
and EEG evidence suggests that brain field dynamics are intimately related
to dynamic reallocation of attention, to memory-related processing, and
to self-evaluation of the consequences of actions, all more 'top-down' than
'bottom-up' processes. A more adequate model of human EEG dynamics must
involve, first, spatial unmixing of contributions from quasi-independent
domains of synchrony, for which Independent Component Analysis (ICA)
is proving useful, followed by modeling of dynamic interrelations between
EEG domains, which may be approached using time/frequency analysis. First
results of the combined approach suggest new conceptions of macroscopic
brain dynamics supporting cognitive events. More adequate models and analysis 
methods should also permit closer integration of scalp field, local field and
single-unit spike information, pointing toward the emergence of a more unified 
science of human brain dynamics.
  Host: Lars Kai Hansen 


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