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Events in connection with CISP

Type Date Place Name Description
Talk 2010 November 1 10:00-10:45 DIKU's large auditorium Contemporary Topics In Medical Image Registration Gary E. Christensen
Talk 2010 November 1 11:00-11:45 DIKU's large auditorium Biomedical Image Analysis at Oxford Julia Schnabel
PhD defense 2010 November 23 12:00-15:00 DTU Informatics, building 321/305, room 053 Longitudinal MRI Studies of Brain Morphometry PhD student Arnold Skimminge. Assessment committee: Professor Bjarne Ersbøll, DTU Informatics; Honorary Reader John Ashburner, Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, UK; Associate Professor Lasse Riis Østergaard, Aalborg University.
Symposium 2011 January 24–26 Fødevareøkonomisk Institut, Københavns Universitet, Frederiksberg 33. Symposium i Anvendt Statistik Peter Linde

The list include events in connection with CISP — not necessarily organized by CISP.

If you would like to have events included on the list you can either mail them on the mailing list associated with the graduate school or write to Finn Årup Nielsen directly.

Recurring events

Type Date Location Name Description

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Past events

For 2009

Type Date Location Name Description
Seminar 2010 June 14 16:00 DTU Informatics room 053 Kalman Filter Methods in Relation to Health Monitoring and the Value of Intelligent Sampling and Data Coarsening Peter J. Sherman, Iowa State University, Ames, IA U.S.A. 50011
Lecture 2010 June 16 15:00-16:00 DTU Informatics room 053 Link Prediction on Evolving Graphs using Matrix and Tensor Factorizations Tamara G. Kolda, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Sandia National Laboratories Livermore, CA, USA. Host: Morten Mørup.
Seminar 2010 June 21 11:00-12:00 DTU Building 321, aud. 033 GPU Seminar By Professor Scott Barden
Talk 2010 June 21 16:00 DTU Building 352 room 019 The Science and Technology of a Virtual Tutor: How Baldi Came to Be Dominic Massaro, University of California in Santa Cruz
Ph.D. Course 2010 August 16-20 09:30-17:00 Seminar Room 053 - DTU Informatics, Cognitive Systems, building 321 Advanced Signal Processing (Ph.D. Course 02901) Mikkel N. Schmidt, Ole Winther, Morten Mørup and Lars Kai Hansen, DTU Informatics, Section for Cognitive Systems
Ph.D. defense 2010 August 27 14:00-17:00 DTU Informatics, building 321, room 053 Modeling media as latent semantics based on cognitive component PhD defense by Michael Kai Petersen
Talk 2010 September 7 11:00-12:00 DTU Building 101, Room S02 Diffusion imaging, high-resolution structural imaging, and SVM-based classification of event-related fMRI data for application in studies of neurocognitive aging Talk by Nils Bodammer from Max-Planck-Institute of Human Development hosted by Stephen Strother
Ph.D. defense 2010 September 10 13:00-16:00 DTU Informatics, building 321, room 053 Homotopy Based Reconstruction from Acoustic Images PhD defense by Ojaswa Sharma
Talk 2010 October 11 11:00–12:00 DTU Informatics, building 321, room 053 Current topics in cognitive systems research Timo Honkela, Aalto University School of Science and Technology

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