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The following list includes some of the software made by people in the CISP group. Some of the software is in limited distribution.
  • ICA:DTU toolbox.
    Matlab package for independent component analysis (ICA) with Bell-Sejnowski and Molgedey-Schuster and automatic model order selection via BIC. Also mean field ICA. Command line interface. Developed by Thomas Kolenda and Ole Winther.
    [ Homepage ]

  • ANN:DTU toolbox.
    Regression and classification artificial neural network model. Classification is possible with binary or multiple outputs and an outlier class can be modeled. Outlier class probability and regularization parameter is determined via the evidence approximation. Developed by Sigurdur Sigurdsson
    [ Homepage ].

  • Lyngby
    Functional neuroimaging analysis toolbox. Command line interface and graphical user interface. A number of models, e.g., classification and regression neural network models with saliency map. Presently developed by Matthew G. Liptrot and Finn Årup Nielsen.
    [ Homepage ]

  • Nabla Vision
    Commercial 2D and 3D segmentation program developed by generic vision (Ole Fogh Olsen, Mads Nielsen, Martin Lillholm, ...).
    [ generic vision ]

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