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For 2007

Type Date Location Name Description
Seminar 2008 January 21 DTU Informatics Open Source Business Solutions Ph.D., M.Sc. Jesper Holck, Institut for Informatics at Copenhagen Business School talks on open source business solutions.
Presentation 2008 January 23 17:15-19:45 DTU Elektro, building 306, room 31 LEGO: Open Source robotics and user driven innovation Flemming Bundgaard, Manager, Electronics R&D, LEGO and Steven Canvin, Marketing Manager, LEGO MINDSTORMS
Workshop 2008 January 24–25 DIKU The Tribute Workshop in Honour of Professor Peter Johansen Workshop for DIKU Professor Peter Johansen.
Tiltrædelsesforelæsning 2008 January 28 14:00-16:00 DTU Informatics, buidling 308 aud. 12 Billedteknologi - en vej til bedre velfærd With Rasmus Larsen
Symposium 2008 January 28–30 Copenhagen Business School Det 30. Symposium i Anvendt Statistik
Talk 2008 Feb  21. 16.15–17.30 Copenhagen, ITU, Auditorium 3, 2A56 Hot Topics within IT development: Open source, creative commons, offshoring risks and rewards Talk by Jette Lauridsen and Rasmus Muff, Kromann Reumert in the Game Lecture Series
Seminar 2008 March 19 15:00-16:00 DTU Informatics, building 305, room 205 Causality and phase synchrony of local field potentials recorded with a multi-electrode array in the monkey visual cortex Professor, dr.techn., ph.d., Marc Van Hulle Laboratorium voor Neurofysiologie, Katholieke Unversiteit Leuven, Belgium
Talk 2008 April 24 15:30 DTU Informatics, Build 305, room 205 Choosing Optimal Data Analysis Models in fMRI Studies: Interactions with age and task Talk by Stephen Strother, Rotman Research Institute-Baycrest Centre Toronto and University of Toronto
PhD defense 2008 May 7 DTU Informatics Light, Matter, and Geometry - The Cornerstones of Appearance Modelling PhD Student Jeppe Revall Frisvad. Supervisor: Assoc. Professor Niels Jørgen Christensen. Assessment Committee: Karol Myszkowski, MPI Saarbrüken; Knud Henriksen, DIKU; Jens Michael Carstensen, DTU Informatics
Conference 2008 May  19–23 Copenhagen CMMR 2008 5th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval — Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music. Papers due 15 February 2008.
2008 May 28–30 DTU Informatics Visiondays DTU Informatics invites companies, organizations, and institutions interested in image analysis, vision systems, and computer graphics to three days of presentations and demonstrations.
Symposium 2008 June 4–6 Denmark, Copenhagen NORSIG 2008 8th Nordic Signal Processing Symposium. Cancelled!
Sommer School 2008 June 9–13 Italy, Sardynia, Alghero, Tramariglio, Hotel Capo Caccia 5th IAPR Int.l Summer School for Advanced Studies on Biometrics for Secure Authentication: NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR SECURITY AND PRIVACY Application Deadline: February 15th 2008
Talks 2008 June 13 DIKU Four talks about Interactive Physics, Graphics and massive Computing The Why and How of the Math Behind by Kenny Erleben, Trip through the game physics pipeline by Erwin Coumans, Variational Volumetric Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Points by Andreas Bærentzen, Not all fun and games by Brian Vinter
Ph.D course 2008 June 16-20 DTU Informatics Convex Optimization Lieven Vandenberghe, UCLA
Conference 2008 June 15-19 Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Australia HBM 2008 14th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping. Wikipedia.
Symposium 2008 June 17–19 Finland, University of Jyvaskyla CBMS2008 The 21st IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems
Conference 2008 July 5–9 Finland, Helsinki ICML 2008 25th International Conference on Machine Learning. Paper deadline: February 8
Conference 2008 July 17-19 Pittsburgh Neuroreceptor Mapping Deadline 2008 February 7th
Ph.D. course 2008 August 18–22 DTU Informatics, Room 053 Advanced Signal Processing ITMAN PhD Course - DTU Course, 2008 Theme: "Factor models for complex and high-dimensional data"
Seminar 2008 August 28 13:00-15:30 DTU Informatics, room 053 The Role of Matlab Examples in Scholarly Work Jan Hesthaven and Per Christian Hansen
PhD defense 2008 September 3 DTU, building 321, room 053 Decomposition Methods for Unsupervised Learning Morten Mørup
Conference 2008 September 7–9 Stockholm, Sweden Neuroinformatics Congress
Workshop 2008 September 12 University of Copenhagen, Institute of Computer Science (DIKU), Room N037 NISA-SMART Workshop on Motion Modelling and Tracking Organizers: Francois Lauze and Kim Steenstrup Pedersen
Conference 2008 September  15–19 Belgien, Antwerp ECML PKDD 2008 The European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases. Paper Submission deadline: April 25
PhD defense 2008 September 26 14:00 DTU Informatics, Building 321/305 room 053 Monitoring angiogenesis using magnetic resonance methods PhD student David Alberg Holm.
Workshop 2008 October  16–19 Mexico, Cancun MLSP 2008 Machine Learning for Signal Processing with Jan Larsen among the organizers.
Ph.D. course 2008 October 20–24 DTU Informatics, Room 053 Iterative Methods for Linear Systems of Equations PhD Course
Seminar 2008 November 14 10:00–11:45 DTU Informatics, building 305, room 053. Screening mammograms based on graph matching Senior Lecturer and President of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society: Dr. Murk Bottema Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia
PhD defense 2008 November 25 13:30 DTU Informatics, Building 308, auditorium 13 Image Registration and Optimization in the Virtual Slaughterhouse PhD student Martin Vester-Christensen. Assessment Committee: Allan Aasbjerg Nielsen, DTU Space (chair) Director of Research Christian Barillot, IRISA, France Principal Research Officer Paul Allen,
PhD defense 2008 November 25 13:30 DTU Informatics, building 321, room 053 Single-channel source separation using non-negative matrix factorization PhD student Mikkel Nørgaard Schmidt. Assessment Committee: Lars Kai Hansen, Christian Jutten, Mark Plumbley,
Conference 2008 December 7-13 Canada, Vancouver and Whistler NIPS 2008 Neural Information Processing Systems. Deadline: 2008 June 6 to main conference. Wikipedia.
Conference 2008 December 8-11 USA, Florida, Tampa, Tampa Convention Center ICPR 2008 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. Paper submission deadline 2008 April 8
PhD defense 2008 November 19 10:00 HCØ store UPI Universitetsparken 5 Quantification of Structure from Medical Images PhD student Arish Asif Qazi. Supervisor: Mads Nielsen

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