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02 * Bornholm PhD-Workshop


The workshop will offer tutorials on

and contributed talks by CISP-faculty and participating Phd-students.

Registration/Board/Travel from Copenhagen and social programme: Dkr 5500,-. The school can support participation for contributing Phd-students and faculty.


Use the following form and send it to Ms Ulla Nørhave, e.g., by fax or email. Deadline for registration February 15, 2002

Further information: Ms Ulla Nørhave, Informatics & Mathematical Modelling Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Lyngby * Email: un @ * Tel (+45)4525 3908 * Fax(+45)4587 2599

Preliminary program

Date/time       Name                    Title of Talk

April 08
13:00-16:00     Stephen C. Strother     Re-sampling based data analysis (tutorial)
16:00-17:00	Mads Nielsen            A least committed prior for image warps
20:00-20:30     Esben Skovenborg        Project presentation
20:30-21:00     Kim Steenstrup          Project presentation
21:00-21:30     Francois B. Lauze       Image reconstruction/interpolation of missing data
21:30-22:00     Martin Lillholm         Nabla vision, an interactive segmentation tool

April 09
09:00-12:00     Rasmus Larsen           Statistical Shape Analysis (tutorial)
20:00-20:30     Niels Holm Olsen        Project presentation
20:30-21:00     Anna Szymkowiak Have    Datamining
21:00-21:30     Thorkild Find Pedersen  Project presentation
21:30-22:00     Kåre Brandt             Mean Field ICA for binary variables

April 10
09:00-09:45     Sebastian Mika          Datamining
09:45-10:30     Ole Winther             Mean Field ICA & software
10:30-11:00     Joaquin Quiñonero       The relevance vectormachine
11:00-11:30     Sigurdur Sigurdsson     Skin lesion classification from Raman spectra
11:30-12:00     Ji-Young Lim            Project presentation

April 11
09:00-12:00	José Principe           Learning from data with information theoretic criteria (tutorial)
13:00-13:30     Esben Høgh-Rasmussen    SVD reconstruction of PET
13:30-17:00     Phd-students            Additional contributed presentations

April 12
09:00-12:00     Finn Årup Nielsen       Webmining (tutorial)

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