MSc students (23)

2024 (5)

Simon Majgaard - Optimal Power Flow with Dynamic Stability Constraints
Augusta Agger - Data-driven digital twins for the green transition
Mathilde Maria de Place - Data-driven digital twins for the green transition
Carina Nørgaard Kock Holst - Data-driven digital twins for biogas plants
Mathilde Guldbæk Arentsen - Adaptive Model Predictive Control with Applications in Diabetes Technology

2023 (7)

Magnus Hamann Poulsen - Stochastic Data-driven Grey-box Modeling of Power-to-X processes
Luke Patrick Chardon Labrie-Cleary - Dynamic Modeling, Simulation, and Validation of Molten Salt Reactors
Sara Perlt Hansen - Disturbances and Stability of Coupled Stochastic Systems
Albert Skovgaard Bisgaard - Forecasting of Icing Events for Wind Turbines
Bhagyata Kansara - Techno-economic Influence of using Wind Power for Ammonia Production
Christian Castor von Spreckelsen - High-performance Scientific Computing for Uncertainty Quantification and Data Science
Emil Skov Martinsen - Model Predictive Control and Optimization for Ammonia Reactors in a Power-to-ammonia System

2022 (7)

Christian Thyssen - Uncertainty Quantification in Pharmaceutical Process Simulation and Optimization
Mie Demant Björk - Modeling and Simulation of Metabolic Processes in Man
Nicola Cantisani - Modeling, Simulation, Forecasting and Optimal Control of Renewable Energy Systems with Storage
Chenxue Jia - Image Analysis for Control and Optimisation in Recirculation Aquaculture System
Lasse Hassel-Pflugh - Smart Insulin Pens for Artificial Pancreas Technology
Joachim Weel Rosbo - Modeling and Simulation for Control and Optimization of Power-to-Ammonia Plants
Rasmus Stengade Menzer - Model Predictive Control for Ammonia Ship Engines

2021 (2)

Qahir Yousefi - Bayesian Estimation, Control and Optimization for Diabetes Technology
Matias Tofteby Bach Andersen - Model Predictive Control for a Molten Salt Reactor

2019 (1)

Ríkharður Þór Rögnvaldsson - Model Predictive Control for an Industrial Aluminium Holding Furnace

2017 (1)

André Kofoed Drejer - Numerical Methods for Dynamical Optimization of Single-Cell Protein Production in a U-Loop Reactor