Project Supervision

If you are a student looking for an interesting bachelor or master project you can always send me a mail describing your interests. A guide on choosing the right project with the right supervisor can be found here. A list of potential DTU supervisors within image analysis can be found here.

If you have already started your project a LaTeX template for writing weekly reports can be found here and an example (fake) weekly report can be seen here. An example of a initial project plan with a risk analysis can be seen here. A report describing the supervision approach can be found here and a corresponding presentation here.

Current and Past Projects (only updated for PhD students)

Ph. D. Students
Student Research Area Co-supervisors Partners Year
Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard Deep learning methods for otoscopy and wideband tympanometry for the diagnosis of otitis media with effusion and acute otitis media Anders Nymark Christensen and James Harte Interacoustics Research Unit 2019-2022
Kristine Aavild Juhl Deep Learning Methods for Cardiac CT analysis Oscar Camara, Ole De Backer, Klaus F. Kofoed UPF Barcelona and Rigshospitalet 2018-2021
Jakob Mølkjær Slipsager iMOS: Intelligent Motion Sensing during neuro imaging using machine learning Oline Vinter Olesen and Liselotte Højgaard TracInnovations 2018-2021
Guðmundur Einarsson Computerised Quantification of Motions Associated with Psychiatric Disorders Line Clemmensen, Anders Fink-Jensen and Anne Katrine Pagsberg Børne- og Ungdomspsykiatrisk Center Region Hovedstaden 2014-2017
Hans Martin Kjer Statistical Shape Modelling of the Human Cochlear with Application to Cochlear Implant Surgical Procedures   HEAR-EU 2012-2015
Mikkel Damgaard Olsen Motion Tracking of Children in Risk of Cerebral Palsy Jens Bo Nielsen The Helena Elsass Center 2012-2015
Stine Harder 3D head reconstruction for sound simulations Søren Laugesen Oticon A/S 2012-2015
Rasmus Ramsbøl Jensen Anatomical surface reconstruction and optimization Mike van der Poel 3Shape A/S 2010-2013
Jens Fagertun Facial recognition   2010-2013
Oline Vinter Olesen Motion Correction on High Resolution Brain PET Imaging Rasmus Larsen, Liselotte Højgaard, Bjarne Roed Rigshospitalet and Siemens Healthcare 2009-2011
Signe Thorup Modelling of Cranio-facial Growth and Change due to Surgery Rasmus Larsen, Nuno Hermann, Sven Kreiborg, and Tron Darvann 3D-Lab, School of Dentistry, Copenhagen University 2009-2012
Sune Darkner Shape Analysis of the Dynamics of the Human Ear Canal Rasmus Larsen and Ole Fogh Olsen Oticon A/S 2005-2008
Master Students
Tatiana Bagger AndreasenTowards adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer patients Claus F. BehrensHerlev Hospital2012
Martin KjerCan MR replace CT in radiotherapy planning? Jens EdmundHerlev Hospital2012
Jakob WilmAnalysis of diffusion tensor imaging of in-utero fetal monkey brains Colin Studholm and Mads FogtmannUniversity of Washington2012
Stine ClaessenAdaptive Radiotherapy - use of deformable registration and calculation on cone beam CT Claus BehrensHerlev Hospital2012
Stine Harder and Susanne Rytter ChristoffersenRobust eye biometry and genetics Niels MorlingDepartment of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen2011
Philip Michael BackAutomatic 3D ear detecton for ear biometry in uncontrolled environments Christoph Busch and Anika PflugFraunhofer IGD. Darmstadt2011
Rikke EilandAdaptive radiation therapy for head and neck cancer Claus Behrens, Eva Samsøe, David SjöströmHerlev Hospital2011
Line Waring and Marie Elgaard Korsholm NielsenMRI based radiotherapy Claus Behrens, Eva Samsøe, Jens EdmundHerlev Hospital2011
Jonas Hermansen and Uffe JørgensenDosimetryRasmus Larsen and Liselotte HøjgaardRigshospitalet2009
Martin Andreas Falk Jensen Observation of airport queues using surveillance camerasRasmus Larsen and Henrik AanæsCopenhagen Airport2009
Mark LyksborgMotion Correction of 4D Lung CT ImagesRasmus LarsenOdense University Hospital2008
Signe ThorupCrouzon Syndrome Growth ModellingRasmus Larsen and Tron Darvann3D-Lab, School of Dentistry, Copenhagen University2008
Niels DujardinQuantitative Morphometry in Arthritis Rasmus LarsenVisiopharm2008
Laus Jensen and Nicolai Zangenberg Analysis of bone growth in handsRasmus LarsenVisiana2008
Torbjørn KristensenReconstruction of heart pose from gamma camera imagesRasmus LarsenDDD2008
Maciej BlaszczykAutomated Characterization and Recognition of 2D and 3D Brain Structures in MRI for Diagnostic SupportRasmus LarsenLADIS2008
Peter Graversen3-Dimensional Shape Modelling. With Application to Human Ear CanalsBjarne ErsbøllOticon A/S2004
Allan Reinhold KildebyBuilding optimal 3D shape modelsRasmus LarsenOticon A/S2002
Bachelor Students
Mette Marie Nielsen and Sarah Teuber HenriksenFeature extraction and identification from human iris images Niels MorlingDepartment of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen2012
Søren Bohøj and Aslak Søgaard3D feature extraction and classification from 3D human face scans Jens Fagertun 2012
Iuri BorisovDevelopment of an application for simultaneous analysis of magnetic resonance images and ultrasonography Rasmus Hvass HansenHerlev Hospital2011
Christian KruseFacial Scan Alignment using 3D Shape Signatures2011
Cecilie Stegenborg-Andersen3D alignment of facial scans2010
Michael Kaare RasmussenDesign and optimization of a camera system for a clinical tracking systemOline Vinter OlesenRigshospitalet2010
Hans Martin Kjer and Jakob Wilm Evaluation of surface registration algorithms for PET motion correctionOline Vinter OlesenRigshospitalet2010
Niels Bruun Ipsen and Andreas Seliger3D image guided surgery planningLinda BardramAbdominalcenteret, Rigshospitalet2010
Maj-Brit Bech JohansenTo lose an eye - consequences for facial symmetryMarie Louise Roed Rasmussen and Peter Bjerre ToftRigshospitalets Øjenklinik2009
Line Waring and Marie Elgaard Korsholm NielsenImage Guided Liver Surgery PlanningRasmus Larsen and Linda BardramAbdominalcenteret, Rigshospitalet2009