John Bagterp Jørgensen - Special Project Students

Section for Scientific Computing, DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark

You are welcome to contact me if you want to discuss the possibilities for conducting a special project.

Current Special Project Students

  • Thomas Emil Ryde: Nonlinear Optimal Control Algorithms, 2020-2021

  • Lukas Vincent Christensen: Control Systems for Diabetes Technology, 2020-2021

Previous Special Project Students

  • Morten Ryberg Wahlgreen: Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, 2019

  • Hjørdis Amanda Schlüter: Advanced Model Predictive Control for Energy Systems, 2018

  • Martin Schiødt: Model Predictive Control for Smart Energy Systems, 2018

  • Asbjørn Thode Reenberg: Advanced Control Algorithms in a Blood Glucose Control Device for Intensive Critical Care Units, 2018

  • Marcus Krogh Nielsen: Model Predictive Control using Python, 2018

  • Hjørdis Amanda Schlüter: Model Predictive Control for Smart Energy Systems, 2018

  • Marcus Krogh Nielsen: Advanced Model Predictive Control, 2018

  • Niels Christian Boye Petersen: Model Predictive Control for an Industrial Process, 2018

  • Niclas Laursen Brok: Numerical Optimal Control, 2017-2018

  • Niclas Laursen Brok: Practical Quantitative Finance, 2016

  • André Kofoed Drejer: Simulation and Optimization of a U-Loop Reactor, 2016

  • André Kofoed Drejer: Numerical Methods and Software for Dynamic Optimization, 2016

  • Tobias Kaspar Skovborg Ritschel: Numerical Methods and Software for Dynamic Optimization, 2016

  • Kim Kofoed Nielsen: Modeling and Simulation of the Floating Zone Process, 2016

  • Andreas Baldur Nørregård Hansen: Simulation, control and optimization of injection molding processes, 2016

  • Matias Normann Gadeberg: Modeling and Simulation of Falling Film Evaporators, 2015

  • Peter Edward Ackermann: Scientific Paper: A Mean-CVaR Objective for Robust Oil Production Optimization in Uncertain Geological Scenarios, 2015

  • Morten Andersen Herfelt: Implementation of a primal-dual interior-point algorithm for second-order cone programming, 2015

  • Tobias Kaspar Skovborg Ritschel: Model Predictive Control, 2014

  • Peter Edward Aackermann: Model Predictive Control, 2014

  • Tinna Björk Arradóttir: Modeling and Simulation of Glucose-Insulin Dynamics in People with Type 1 Diabetes, 2013

  • Berit Markvard Martensen: Optimization for Model Predictive Control, 2013

  • Peter Juhler Dinesen: Convex Optimization, 2013

  • Emil Schulz Christensen: Numerical Optimization Algorithms for Model Predictive Control, 2012

  • Daniel Haugaard Olesen, 2012