Education: Jan Madsen holds a MSc in electrical engineering (1986) and a PhD degree in computer science (1992) from the Technical University of Denmark, including a stay at IMEC in Belgium.

Employment: Assistant Professor from 1992 to 1996 and Associate Professor from 1996-2002 at the Department of Information Technology at the Technical University of Denmark. Since 2002 Full Professor of computer based systems at DTU Informatics at the Technical University of Denmark. He is currently Head of Section of Embedded Systems Engineering at DTU Informatics.

His main research interests are related to design of embedded computer systems. In particular system-level modeling and analysis of multiprocessor systems realized on a single chip, System-on-Chip, including RTOS modeling and hardware/software codesign, and design methodologies and implementations of embedded systems and wireless sensor networks, including CAD tools. He has published 14 journal papers, 115 peer-reviewed conference papers, 11 book chapters, and 4 edited books. He has given more than 30 invited talks. He has several best paper nominations, 1 best paper award (CASES 2009), 1 paper among the 30 most influential papers from 10 years of Design Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), and 3 papers among the highly cited papers in System Codesign and Synthesis, of which one is in the top 5 cited papers.

National Research Leadership:
He was principal investigator of the Hogthrob project, a wireless sensor network for sow monitoring (Danish research council, STVF 2059-03-0027). He is currently principal investigator for DTU in MoDES (NABIIT), InfinIT (RTI) and in DaNES (Danish Advanced Technology Foundation), where he is activity leader of Execution Platforms and Chairman of the steering board. He is participating in ProCell (NABIIT), programmable biochips, and in Wireless Sensor Network for Climate and Environmental Monitoring together with DELTA. He is participating and member of the management board for IDEA4CPS, a new Chinese-Danish Basic Research Center for theoretical foundation for Cyber-Physical Systems (Grundforskningsfonden). He is a steering group member of Industriel Teknologi og Software (Industriens Fond). He has successfully (co-)supervised 13 PhD-students (to completion) and is currently (co-)supervising 16 PhD-students.

European Research Leadership:
Jan Madsen is leader of the Hardware Platforms and MPSoC Design Cluster and member of the Strategic Management Board in ArtistDesign, a Network of Excellence in Embedded Systems Design (EU NoE 214373). He is principal investigator in SYSMODEL and ASAM, and is participating in RECOMP and SMECY (all EU ARTEMIS JU). He is a partner in the Guardian Angels consortium (EU FET Flagship). He is the lead delegate for Denmark in the Governing Board of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, a new pan-European research initiative for public-private partnership in Embedded Systems. He was cluster leader of Execution Platforms in ArtistDesign, a Network of Excellence on Advanced Real-Time Systems (EU IST-04527), site leader in SOCMOBINET and ASCIS (both EU). He served on the panel of Computer Science in the Swedish National Research Council in 2007 and 2009.

Professional Activities: He is General Co-Chair of NOCS’12. He has served as Program Chair for CODES+ISSS’11, as Special Sessions Chair for DATE’08, as Program Chair for DATE’07, as Vice-Program Chair and Tutorial Chair for DATE’06, Workshop Chair for CODES+ISSS’05, and as Topic Chair for CASES 2002 and DATE ‘03-’05 and ‘11. He was General Chair of CODES ‘01 and Program Chair of CODES ‘00. He is on the editorial board of the journal “IEEE Design & Test” since 2010 and was on the editorial board of the journal “IET Proceedings – Computers and Digital Techniques” 2005-2008. He is a member of the steering committee of the CODES-ISSS and NORCHIP conferences. He has served on numerous program committees, including the following: SIES’08-‘09, ARC’08-‘09, NOCS’09, LCTES’09, CODES-ISSS, and DATE.