General reference for neuroinformatics

Dedicated books about neuroinformatics are [Arbib and Grethe, 2001,Koslow and Huerta, 1997]. [Rashidi and Buehler, 2000, section 5.1] contains a small section on neuroinformatics.

General review and discussion articles are [Shepherd et al., 1998,Fox and Lancaster, 1994,Cohen et al., 2001,Chicurel, 2000,Beaulieu, 2001,Brinkley and Rosse, 2002,Nielsen et al., 2006] and the most recent [French and Pavlidis, 2007].

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B, Biological Sciences, 2001 August is a theme issue on neuroscience databases and contains articles describing some of the existing and planned databases [Kötter, 2001]: LGICdb [Le Novère and Changeux, 2001], L-Neuron [Ascoli et al., 2001], XANAT [Press et al., 2001b], CoCoMac [Stephan et al., 2001], NeuroScholar [Burns, 2001], NeuroML [Goddard et al., 2001], SuMS [Dickson et al., 2001], fMRIDC [Van Horn et al., 2001a]. Abstracts from ``Neuroinformatics Workshop: Computing the Chromaffin Cell'', September 7, 2001, San Diego, California are available on Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, volume 8, issue 1; Jan/Feb, 2001 has a short focus on neuroinformatics: [Wong and Koslow, 2001,Miller et al., 2001,Gardner et al., 2001b]. Neuroinformatics. Proceedings of a workshop. Arlington, Virginia, USA, September 19-20, 1995 is published as NeuroImage, 1996 Dec, 4(3 Pt 2):S1-61. More recent is Nature Neuroscience, 2004 May, volume 7, number 5, with a focus on ``scaling up neuroscience''.

A group under OECD has issued a report on neuroinformatics [Global Science Forum, 2002] listing formal neuroinformatics projects throughout the world, see also [Working Group on Biological Informatics, 1999]. This work has resulted in the formation of the ``International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility'' (INCF) [Eckersley et al., 2003,Working Group on Neuroinformatics, 2003,Butler, 2004]. The homepage of this organization is

Journals with neuroinformatics content are Neuroinformatics, NeuroImage, Human Brain Mapping and many more.

A web-site with links are available from Berlin

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