Levels of the nervous system

Table 1: Levels of the nervous system. Based on [Shepherd, 1994, figure 1.1].
A Behavior Psychological descriptions, ...
B Distributed systems Brain mapping on a macroscopic level as obtainable with PET, SPECT, fMRI, EEG
C Local Circuits Cortex layers, ...
D Neuron  
E Microcircuit The pattern of synaptic connections
F Synapse  
G Macromolecules Membranes, molecules, ions
H Genes  

Table 1 shows a way to subdivide neuroscience that focuses on the scale: Macroscopic neuroscience focuses on a system level description with, e.g., brain areas. Microscopic neuroscience focus on, e.g., molecular biology.

Finn Årup Nielsen 2010-04-23