Neuroinformatics -- definitions

Neuroinformatics is:

neuroinformatics = neuroscience + informatics.

A more detailed definition appears in [Beltrame and Koslow, 1999]:

...combining neuroscience and informatics research to develop and apply advanced tools and approaches essential for a major advancement in understanding the structure and function of the brain. Neuroinformatics research is uniquely placed at the intersections of medical and behavioral sciences, biology, physical and mathematical sciences, computer science, and engineering. The synergy from combining these approaches will accelerate scientific and technological progress, resulting in major medical, social, and economic benefits.

In [Luscombe et al., 2001, page 347] a definition of bioinformatics was proposed. A parallel definition of neuroinformatics is:

Neuro-informatics: neuroinformatics is conceptualizing neuroscientific data and applying ``informatics techniques'' (derived from disciplines such as applied mathematics, computer science and statistics) to understand and organise the information associated with the data on a large scale.

Finn Årup Nielsen 2010-04-23