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Ph.D. Course: Medical Imaging and Image Analysis

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   Final Project Report

   The final project report will be handed in the form of a conference paper - 4 pages maximum,
   preferably in LaTeX, 2-column, font Times Roman 11, line spacing 0.9, with figures and
   postscript images. An example of this type of LaTeX document can be found in (Of course, if you generate a WORD file looking
   similarly, that's fine. You do not need to use LaTeX.)

   Your report should consist of the following sections:

   1.	Introduction - what is the problem, motivation, previous work
	of others, your approach

   2.   Methods - detailed description of the new approach

   3.   Experimental Methods - how was the method assessment done, data
   	description, etc.

   4.   Results

   5.   Discussion of Results - comparison to results of others,
   	comparison of results to your primary approach

   6.   Conclusions

   7.   References - 5-10 references

   Web page: A web page with key features, images, results, and (if applicable) movies should be
   created and submitted.

   Matlab Code: In addition to the web page and report, the Matlab code programmed should also be

   Deadline:    December 1, 2002

   Report, web page and Matlab code as a compressed tar/zip file should be sent to Gabriela Mariel
   Maletti -

   Assignment of Credit:                       

   On/before December 15, 2002, participants who will have successfully completed the course will
   receive a graduation letter from Professor Ersboell.

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