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Center for Biomedical Optics and New Laser Systems - BIOP

A joint initiative between the Technical University of Denmark, Risų National Laboratory and Danish Industry About BIOP The Center for Biomedical Optics and New Laser Systems, BIOP, is a new Danish initiative where engineers, physicists, chemists and physicians collaborate on the development of new biomedical applications based on the most recent progress in lasers and optical measurement techniques. The aim is to conduct research in advanced laser systems and optical measurement technologies and to apply these systems in dermatology, ophthalmology and biosensing.

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The 3D-Lab is the research and development laboratory for 3D image processing and reconstruction. The 3D-Lab is an independent center jointly supported by the School of Dentistry at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen University Hospital and the Informatics andMathematical Modeling, Technical University of Denmark.

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THOR Center for Neuroinformatics Human Brain Project Repository

Functional neuroimaging (Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)) probes in vivo patterns of activity in the human brain. Anything short of an interactive real-time display will not fully be able to represent the richness of these spatio-temporal phenomena.

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Mapping visual cortical regions in awake, behaving monkey using functional MRI (MAPAWAMO)

The overall aim is to perfect the monkey fMRI technique already in place in order to compare different types of fMRI analysis with an existing metabolic mapping standard in the monkey and to compare directly cortical networks in human and non human primates. We will use fMRI to map visual cortical regions responsive to different types of visual stimuli and active in visual discrimination tasks in monkeys and in humans.

- Link to MAPAWAMO


Real Time Multimedia Systems (RTMM)

The project concentrates on the technical issues involved in systems for Interactive Distributed Multimedia (IDMM). Current the focus is on construction of Virtual Seminar Room. The project is part of Distributed Multimedia - Technologies and Applications which deals with many aspects of the development and use of distributed multimedia. The project is supported by the Danish Research Councils and the Danish National Centre for IT Research 1998-2001.

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Proteome Analysis

Ph.D. project by Lars Pedersen.
Analysis of 2D gel electrophoresis images. The main goal is to investigate and develop methods to partly automate and ease the tedious and time consuming task of locating, quantifying, and matching protein spot patterns in series of 2D electrophoresis gel images. To the right is shown an example image with 1900+ proteins represented as dark spots on the bright background.

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Automated Segmentation & Analysis of 4D Cardiac MRI using Statistical Image Analysis

Ph.D. project by Mikkel B. Stegmann
The purpose of this project is to extract volumetric information from functional in vivo cardiac images acquired by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and to automate resource demanding routine post processing by developing 4D segmentation algorithms based on statistical image analysis. The project is carried out as a collaboration between the Danish Research Center of Magnetic Resonance and IMM.

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