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04450 - Medical Image Analysis

Medical image analysis is an important base technology for developing diagnosis support systems and as such it will be illustrated through lectures, case-studies, and exercises. The course will also give an introduction to central aspects of clinical testing, including bio-statistical methods. Quality assurance is a central issue in the development of a product specifically in relation to regulatory approvals. ISO standards, CE and FDA approvals will be discusses through examples.

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10445 - Bio-medicinsk optik

Interessen for anvendelser af kohærent lys og optiske sensorer inden for de biologiske og medicinske områder er stærkt stigende i disse år. Dette skyldes dels udviklingen af nye avancerede lasersystemer, dels udviklingen inden for integrerede optiske sensorer og endelig de stærkt stigende forventninger om præcis og effektiv diagnosticering og analyse af biologiske og medicinske processer. Kurset er opdelt i fire hovedområder: 1. Optiske metoder til billeddannelse i humant væv, 2. Nye lasersystemer til medicinsk diagnostik og behandling, 3. Optiske biosensorer og non-invasiv spektroskopi i øjet, 4. Biomedicinsk billedbehandling.

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04364 - Nonlinear Signal Processing

The lectures will be chosen among the following topics: Neural Networks. An introduction to the theory of neural networks is given. The theory will be illustrated by applications in a number of areas, including the biomedical area. Speech Coding. The point covers an introduction to the principles of speech coding with emphasis on coding at low bit rates (< 10 KBPS). The theory will be illustrated by applications in the areas of multimedia, telecommunication and aids for the handicapped. Speech Recognition. The point includes methods for recognition of speech, especially methods based on Hidden Markov Models and/or neural networks. Applications are equivalent to the topics mentioned above, multimedia, telecommunication and aids for the handicapped. Vector Quantization. Vector quantization is a general discipline for effective coding of signals, including speech signals and biomedical signals. Pattern Recognition. Bayesian decision theory and mathematical modelling of pattern recognition systems

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04365 - Advanced Digital Signal Processing

The course starts with lectures on current research subjects, e.g., prediction of time signals, neural networks, hidden Markov models, wavelets, parametric spectral estimation, vector quantization, speech coding, noise reduction in speech signals, linear adaptive filters, filter banks, implementation of signal processing algorithm on fast signal microprocessor. The participants carry out project within the research subjects presented.

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