Wednesday 22 August

09:00 Frank Tip.
Refactoring using Type Constraints (SAS invited talk)
10:00 Kung Chen, Shu-Chun Weng, Meng Wang, Siau-Cheng Khoo and Chung-Hsin Chen.
A Compilation Model for Aspect-Oriented Polymorphically Typed Functional Languages
  Coffee break
11:00 Tristan Le Gall and Bertrand Jeannet.
Lattice automata: a representation of languages over an infinite alphabet, and some applications to verification
  Sharon Shoham and Orna Grumberg.
Compositional Verification and 3-Valued Abstractions Join Forces
12:00 James Brotherston.
Formalised Inductive Reasoning in the Logic of Bunched Implications
12:30 Lunch
14:00 David Monniaux.
Optimal abstraction on real-valued programs
  Axel Simon and Andy King.
Taming the Wrapping of Integer Arithmetic
15:00 Sylvie Putot and Eric Goubault.
Under-approximations of computations in real numbers based on generalized affine arithmetic
  Coffee break
16:00 Krishna Nandivada, Fernando Pereira and Jens Palsberg.
A Framework for End-to-End Verification and Evaluation of Register Allocators
  Tao Wei, Jian Mao, Wei Zou and Yu Chen.
A New Algorithm for Identifying Loops in Decompilation
17:00 Jerome Leroux and Grégoire Sutre.
Accelerated Data-flow Analysis

Thursday 23 August

09:00 Michael Codish.
Proving Termination with (Boolean) Satisfaction (LOPSTR invited talk)
10:00 Akash Lal, Nicholas Kidd, Thomas Reps and Tayssir Touili.
Abstract Error Projection
  Coffee break
11:00 Alexander Malkis, Andreas Podelski and Andrey Rybalchenko.
Precise Thread-Modular Verification
  Cristiano Calcagno, Matthew Parkinson and Viktor Vafeiadis.
Modular Safety Checking for Fine-Grained Concurrency
12:00 Joerg Bauer and Reinhard Wilhelm.
Static Analysis of Dynamic Communication Systems by Partner Abstraction
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Ben Hardekopf and Calvin Lin.
Exploiting Pointer and Location Equivalence to Optimize Pointer Analysis
  Amir Kamil and Katherine Yelick.
Hierarchical Pointer Analysis for Distributed Programs
15:00 Matthieu Martel.
Semantics Transformation of Arithmetic Expressions
15:30 Excursion & conference dinner

Friday 24 August

09:00 Alan Mycroft.
Hardware-Oriented Program Properties (SAS invited talk)
10:00 Francesco Banterle and Roberto Giacobazzi.
A Fast Implementation of Octagon Abstract Domain on Graphics Hardware
  Coffee break
11:00 Pierre Ganty, Patrick Cousot and Jean-Francois Raskin.
Fixpoint-Guided Abstraction Refinements
  Denis Gopan and Thomas Reps.
Guided Static Analysis
12:00 Sriram Sankaranarayanan, Franjo Ivancic and Aarti Gupta.
Program Analysis using Symbolic Ranges
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Bor-Yuh Evan Chang, Xavier Rival and George Necula.
Shape Analysis with Structural Invariant Checkers
  Cristiano Calcagno, Dino Distefano, Peter O'Hearn and Hongseok Yang.
Footprint Analysis: A Shape Analysis that Discovers Preconditions
15:00 Stephen Magill, Josh Berdine, Edmund Clarke and Byron Cook.
Arithmetic Strengthening for Separation Logic Based Shape Analyses
  Coffee break
16:00 David Delmas and Jean Souyris.
Astrée: from research to industry
  Fausto Spoto and Etienne Payet.
Magic-Sets Tranformation for the Analysis of Java Bytecode