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Technical reports 1997

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  1. Uffe H. Thygesen and Niels K. Poulsen:
    On Multi-Dissipative Perturbations in Linear Systems. Sufficient Conditions for Robust Stability and Performance

  2. M.R. Schmidt, H. Madsen, J. Zhou and L.H. Hansen:
    Modelling of hydraulic robot. (30 pp.)

  3. Niels K. Poulsen, Morten Bach Lauritsen, Uffe H. Thygesen, Morten Rostgaard:
    Stokastisk Regulering i L-Strukturen - Genreg

  4. Hans B. Nielsen:
    QPBOX user's guide: A fortran77 package for box constrained quadratic programs. (16 pp.)

  5. Kaj Madsen, Hans B. Nielsen and M.C. Pinar:
    Bound constrained quadratic programming via piecewise quadratic functions. (18 pp.)

  6. Hansen, P.S.K.:
    The ULV/ULLV toolbox for matlab. (40 pp.)

  7. Bendtsen, C. and O. Stauning:
    Tadiff. A flexible C++ package for automatic differentiation. (32 pp.)

  8. Ole M. Nielsen:
    Fast 2D wavelet transform of circulant matrices. (44 pp.)

  9. Tchernyi, V.V. og A.V. Smirnova:
    An algorithm for computing piecewise constant solutions to fredholm integral equations. (11 pp.)

  10. Larsen, A. and O.B.G. Madsen:
    Solving the multiple vehicle scheduling problem in a major Scandinavian city. (18 pp.)

  11. Nielsen, Aa.A. and Conradsen, K.: Multivariate alteration detection (MAD) in multispectral, bi-temporal image data: A new approach to change detection studies.

  12. Kohl, N., J. Desrosiers, O.B.G. Madsen, M.M. Solomon, F. Soumis: k-Path cuts for the vehicle routing problem with time windows. (30 pp.)

  13. Spliid, H.: Statistisk forsøgsplanlægning. (19 pp.)

  14. Xin, M., N.K. Poulsen and H. Binder: Extremum tracking control of a wind turbine. (26 pp.)

  15. Gene H. Golub, Per Christian Hansen, and Dianne P. O'Leary: Tikhonov regularization and total least squares. (10 pp.)

  16. Rasmus Larsen: 3-D contextual bayesian classifiers. (14 pp.)

  17. Rasmus Larsen: Estimation of fluid flow fields and their stagnation points. (14 pp.)

  18. Uffe H. Thygesen: A survey of Lyapunov techniques for stochastic differential equations. (27 pp.)

  19. Staroverov, V.M.: Improving the convergence op a numerical method for the generalized newtonian flow problem. (14 pp.)

  20. Popov, A.V.: Convergence analysis of a finite difference scheme for viscous gas problems. (14 pp.)

  21. R.R. Shorten, R. Murray-Smith, R. Bjørgan and H. Gollee: On the interpretation of local models in blended multiple model structures. (12 pp.)

  22. H. Aa. Nielsen: LFLM version 1.0 - An S-PLUS/R library for locally weighted fitting of linear models. (20 pp.)

  23. U.H. Thygesen and N.K. Poulsen: Min-max control of nonlinear systems with multi-dissipative opponents. (26 pp.)

  24. U.H. Thygesen, and N.K. Poulsen: Simultanous 8-control of a finite number of plants.

  25. M. Nørgård, N.K. Poulsen, O. Ravn: Autonomous guided vehicle. Modelling. (22 pp.)

  26. M. Nørgård, N.K. Poulsen, O. Ravn: Autonomous guided vehicle. Sensor analysis. (42 pp.)

  27. P. Borges, L. Sørensen and R.V.V. Vidal: Strategy/planning/multicriteria. - Why? How? For what? (22 pp.)

  28. Per S. Hansen: Tables and simulation. - A preliminary report. (28 pp.)

  29. Per S. Hansen: Tabular specification of flow systems. (14 pp.)

  30. P.S. Hansen: The tridiagonal Cayley-transform. (12 pp.)

  31. Torben S. Nielsen, and Henrik Madsen: Using meteorological forecasts in on-line predictions of wind power. (77 pp.)

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