Technical reports 1995

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    1. Nielsen, H.B.
      Automatic classification from electropherograms. (22 pp.)

    2. Vidal, R.V.V., P.C. Borges.
      A global maximum principle applied to a model of consumer brand choice. (17 pp.)

    3. Nielsen, B.F. og D.Møller.
      Modelling the end-to-end message transfer time in the atcs communication system. (27 pp.)

    4. Larsen, R., K. Conradsen and B. Ersbøll.
      Estimation of dense image flow fields in fluids. (23 pp.)

    5. Tingleff, O.
      Numerical linear algebra problems solved on transputer farms. (13 pp.)

    6. Iwersen, J. and P. Thyregod.
      A CUSUM Chart for monitoring process variability. (21 pp.)

    7. Thyregod, P. and B.F. Nielsen.
      Losses and major casualties 1984-92 tankers and bulkers 10,000 GT and above. (8 pp.)

    8. Tingleff, O.
      Systems of linear equations solved by block Gauss Jordan method using a transputer cube. (7 pp.)

    9. Brimberg, J. and H. Juel
      A bicriteria model for locating a semi-desirable facility in the plane. (11 pp.)

    10. Brimberg, J. and H. Juel:
      A minisum model with forbidden regions for locating a semi-desirable facility in the plane.
      (11 pp.)

    11. Brimberg, J. and H. Juel:
      On locating a semi-desirable facility on the continuous plane. (9 pp.)

    12. Hansen, A.D., A. Christensen and N.K. Poulsen.
      Model reduction and gain scheduling control. (49 pp.)

    13. Dahlerup, S., S.K. Jacobsen and H. Juel:
      Three add procedures for lacation in the plane. (14 pp.)

    14. Ravn, H.
      Lagrangian relaxation on the unit commitment problem: Optimality conditions and multiplier values. (11 pp.)

    15. Spliid, H.
      Måleusikkerhedens relation til tolerancen. (13 pp.)

    16. Hansen, M.P. and R.V.V. Vidal
      Planning of high school examinations in Denmark. (Final version). (20 pp.)

    17. Larsen, T.F. og H. Madsen.
      DSM: Program til simulation og estimation af dobbelt stokastiske modeller. Version 1.0. 38 pp.

    18. Pirlot,M. og R.V.V. Vidal:
      Simulated annealing: A tutorial. 24 pp.

    19. Hansen, P.S. og H.P. Nielsen:
      Curvature in special Points. 10 pp.

    20. Hansen, A.D. og N.K. Poulsen:
      Level and rate constraints in predictive control. 55 pp.

    21. Stauning, O.:
      Solving integral equations using interval analysis. 55 pp.

    22. Madsen, K., H.B. Nielsen og M.C. Pinar:
      A new finite continuation algorithm for bound constrained quadratic programming. 22 pp.

    23. Hansen, P.S. og H.P. Nielsen:
      Curvature in special points 2: a classification in 3-D. 27 pp.

    24. Hansen, P.S. og S.B. Sørensen:
      Pure parallax stereo imaging for technical visualization. 24 pp.

    25. Albertsen, N.C., JM. Chesneaux, S. Christiansen og A. Wirgin:
      Comparison of four computer arithmetics through their use in the numerical solut ion of scattering problems. 31 pp.

    26. Xin, M., N.K. Poulsen og H. Bindner:
      Estimation of wind speed in connection to a wind turbine. 26 pp.

    27. Xin, M., N.K. Poulsen og H. Bindner:
      A pitch regulated variable speed wind turbine. 20 pp.

    28. Larsen, A.:
      IMM optimization library. 33 pp.

    29. Fisher, M.L., K.O. Jornsten og O.B.G. Madsen:
      Vehicle routing with time windows - optimization algorithms. 17 pp.

    30. Kohl, N. og O.B.G. Madsen:
      An optimization algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with time windows based on lagrangean relaxation. 38 pp.

    31. Nielsen, C.:
      Planning investments under uncertainty with costs of adjustment. 10 pp.