Digital Design with Chisel


Martin Schoeberl

Published 2019 by Kindle Direct Publishing

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This book is an introduction to digital design with the focus on using the hardware construction language Chisel. Chisel brings advances from software engineering, such as object-orientated and functional languages, into digital design.

This book addresses hardware designers and software engineers. Hardware designers, with knowledge of Verilog or VHDL, can upgrade their productivity with a modern language for their next ASIC or FPGA design. Software engineers, with knowledge of object-oriented and functional programming, can leverage their knowledge to program hardware, for example, FPGA accelerators executing in the cloud.

The approach of this book is to present small to medium-sized typical hardware components to explore digital design with Chisel.

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Martin Schoeberl. Digital Design with Chisel, Kindle Direct Publishing, 2019


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