My research interests include:
Data science, machine learning, statistical learning, spectral image analysis, pattern recognition, dimension reduction; within industrial and educational applications.
Applications include: Automation of e.g. food inspection, discovery mining in the pharmaceudical industry, outlier detection in grading or maintenance prodcedures, etc.


Here is a list of some of the projects I am working on:

  • I am currently involved in the Centre for Imaging Food Quality (CIFQ) project.
  • Educational measurement
  • Combinations of statistical learning and image analysis
  • Combinations of statistical learning and statistical process control
  • Statistical learning in Industry - learning from data bases

PhD Supervision

Year Name On
2015-2019 Jacob Søgaard Larsen Automated NIR management
2015-2018 Peter Wæde Hansen Exploring the risk of complications and drug-drug interactions in atrial fibrillation: A data mining study
2015-2018 Sabrina Woltmann Impact Assessment of University Research
2015-2018 Agnes Martine Nielsen Big Data Modelling with Applications to Airports
2015-2018 Max Peter Spooner Methods and Tools for the Statistical Data Analysis for Large Datasets collected from Bio-based Manufacturing Processes
2014-2017 Gudmundur Einarsson Computerised Quantification of Motions Associated with Psychiatric Disorders
2014-2017 Amanda Lenzi Statistical modelling of space-time processes with applications in meteorology forecast and renewable energy
2013-2016 Søren H. Welling Characterization of absorption enhancers for orally administered therapeutic peptides in tablet formulations - applying statistical learning
2012-2015 Ruta Gronskyte Monitoring animal well-being
2011-2014 Sara Sharifzadeh Multivariate Analysis Techniques for Optimal Vision System Design
2009-2013 Tamara Sliusarenko Statistical analyses of campus net evaluation data