C++ implementation of test problems

A package with all the test problems implemented in C++ can be downloaded as a tar.gz-file or as a zip-file.

The individual files can be viewed/downloaded below:

Test problems, definition files
  links321.dat   Datafile for data fitting problem.
  rosen.h   Rosenbrock's function (included in "testfun.h" as well.)
  testfun.h   C-implementation of all the test problems
Test problems, utility files
  config.h   Config file for setting various options in the code
  global.cc   Multi Dimensional Global Search
  global.h   Header file
  linalg.cc   Temporary implementation of vector and matrix classes
  linalg.h   Header file
  local.cc   Local search algorithm
  local.h   Header file
  Makefile   Makefile for project
  prog.cc   A simple program to test the global optimizer
  tools.cc   Various datastructures and functions used by the global optimizer
  tools.h   Header file