Jeppe på bjerget

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
In June 2008 we made a film based on the play Jeppe på bjerget by the danish author Ludvig Holberg at the Sprogcenter Hellerup. For all of us this was the first time in front and behind the camera.

The play is situated in the 18th century (1722) and is about Jeppe, a poor farmer who is lazy and drinks too much. He is cheated on by his wife Nille who uses the whip called Mester Erik to beat Jeppe.

The film takes a little more than half an hour and is split into 4 parts due to YouTube's 10 min restrictions. The film is in danish but I have added a small synopsis for each part in english.

Part 1

In the first part Jeppe is sent to town by his wife Nille to buy some green soap. On his way, Jeppe complaints about his life and decides to drink a glass brandy at the house of Jakob Skomager.

Part 2

In the second part, Jeppe, after having had a first drink, decides to go back and drink more. This results in him being drunk and falling asleep on the road. There he is found by the baron with his entourage. They want to play a trick on him and dress him in the baron's cloths and put him into the baron's bed. They want that Jeppe thinks he is the baron. Then, when he is convinced that he is the baron, they want to make him drunk again and put him in his old cloths on the street again.

They do this, and Jeppe wakes in the Braon's bed and has no idea how he came here. He thinks he is in paradis, but wonders why he still is so thirsty because the priest told him that in paradise one does not feel thirst.

Part 3

In the third part, Jeppe is convinced by the valet and the doctor that he is actually the baron and that his memories of being a farmer and having the evil Nille as his wife were but a bad dream.

Now Jeppe, thinking he is the baron and acting as the baron, has dinner. He wants to hang everybody from his entourage because he thinks they steal from him and earn way too much money. However, he is very fond of the wife of the reeve and dances with her before he is again too drunk to stand up.

Jeppe is put back on the street with his old cloths on. He is found by his wife Nille who does not belive that he has been in paradis and whips him because he didn't bring the soap and is drunk again.

Part 4

In the last part, Jeppe is accused of sneeking in to the baron's castle and impersonate the baron. He is convicted to death by drinking poison and then hanging his corps.. Of course this is still part of the prank, and he only gets a sleeping pill in his brandy.

Jeppe wakes from Nilles cries of remorse. He thinks he is dead, but of course he is thirsty and asks his wife to get him some brandy. This makes her use Mester Erik again. Now the judge comes and tells Nille that she should not beat Jeppe anymore. Then he tells Jeppe that he is still alive and gives him 4 coins for the trick they played on him.


 Jeppe  Hubert
 Nille  Elena
 Kammertjener, 2. advocat  Najib
 Jakob Skomager, læge, ridefogedens kone, 1. advocat  Rozita
 Sekræter, ridefogeden, dommer  Morten
 2. tjener   Luis
 Baron   Arturo
 Kamera   Benjamin, Elena, Rozita, Arturo
 Klip  Hubert
 Tkst  Astrid
 Instruktion  Anne


Hubert Baumeister
May 7, 2009