Anatomical tracing

A list of tracer substances is available in table 26. A much more extensive list is available from in the ``tracer substance'' field:

``Afferent'' (``sensory'') means a pathway from the peripheral system towards the central system, while ``efferent'' (``Motor'') is from the central to the peripheral system.

Table 26: Tracing techniques (Far from complete).
Name Transport Description Reference
Calbindin-D28K A    
FB R Fast blue. Fluorescent neuronal tracer.  
HRP HR Horseradish peroxide.  
TAA   Tritiated amino acid  
WGA-HRP   Wheat germ agglutinin-conjugated horseradish peroxidase  
MRI DWI      
MRI resting state      

Finn Årup Nielsen 2010-04-23