[ Identification of medical images in a radiology department ]

Project title: Identification of medical images in a radiology department
Person to contact : Rasmus Larsen, bygning 321.217, tlf. 4525 3415, rl@imm.dtu.dk

Description This project is carried out for Frederikssund Hospital in Frderiksborg County. Frederiksborg County has established a digital PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) that allows electronical access to all medical images in the county at every medical workstation. For archiving purposes the Radiology department in Frederikssund wants to explore if it is possible to auto-archive images. Every new image should be classified as 1 out of approximately 100 classes (e.g. left foot, right femur supine). This will allow for automatic form filling and sorting of images.

Skills: Image analysis and statistics corresponding to 02501 Image Analysis, Computer Vision and Computer graphics and 2401 Dataanalysis and Introductory statistics. 02409 Multivariate Statistics is useful. Matlab or C++ programming skills.

Keywords: Medical Image Analysis, classification

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