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WELCOME to Mathematical Physics Section

In science models of physical and technical, chemical and biological systems are formulated as boundary value problems at differential equations.Over the past three decades, a revolutionary shift in fundamental paradigms has occurred. Primarily based on linear models through the 1960s, scientific research is now commonly motivated by nonlinear concepts, in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and the emergence of qualitatively new phenomena is anticipated and made welcome.  Mathematical Physics
Research in nonlinear science is inherently interdisciplinary. The Section for Mathematical Physics collaborates with five other DTU institutes within the nonlinear center MIDIT. Current research include subjects as diverse as vehicle dynamics, superconducting devices, information transfer in optical materials and communication systems, and energy storage and transport in biomolecules.  To get into the idea and concepts of nonlinear science please read about nonlinear science and explore the electric introductions to solitons and solitary waves and chaos.

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