Technical reports 1998

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  1. Søren Christiansen:

  2. Derivation and analytical investigation of three direct boundary integral equations for the fundamental biharmonic problem. (23 pp.)

  3. Stefan Karisch, Eranda Cela, Jens Clausen, and Torben Espersen:

  4. A dual framework for lower bounds of the quadratic assignment problem based on linearization. (44 pp.)

  5. P.R. Andresen, M. Nielsen and S. Kreiborg:

  6. 4D shape-preserving modelling of bone growth. (11 pp.)

  7. Kaj Madsen and S. Zertchaninov:

  8. A C++ programme for global optimization. (14 pp.)

  9. Kaj Madsen and S. Zertchaninov:

  10. A new branch-and-bound method for global optimization. (19 pp.)

  11. Per Chr. Hansen:

  12. Regularization tools - A MATLAB package for analysis and solution of discrete ill-posed problems, version 3.0 for MATLAB 5.2. (109 pp.)

  13. Michael P. Hansen and A. Jaszkiewicz:
    Evaluating the quality of approximations to the non-dominated set. (30 pp.)

  14. Pedro C. Borges and Michael P. Hansen:
    A basis for future successes in multiobjective combinatorial optimization. (15 pp.)

  15. C. Goutte and L.K. Hansen.
    On small sample experiments in neuroimaging. (25 pp.)

  16. S.E. Karisch.
    CUTSDP - A toolbox for a cutting-plane approach based on semidefinite programming, User's guide, version 1.0. (15 pp.)

  17. C. Goutte, P. Toft, E. Rostrup, F.Å. Nielsen and L.K. hansen.
    On clustering fMRI time series. (33 pp.)

  18. C. Goutte.
    Extraction of the relevant delays for temporal modelling. (32 pp.)

  19. Albertsen, N.C.,J.M. Chesneaux, S. Christiansen og A. Wirgin.
    Comparison of four software packages applied to a scattering problem. (17 pp.)

  20. Hans B. Nielsen.
    Computing a minimizer of a piecewise quadratic. (31 pp.)

  21. Magnus Nørgaard, Niels K. Poulsen and Ole Ravn:
    Advances in derivative-free state estimation for nonlinear systems. (33 pp.)

  22. Henrik Aa. Nielsen and Henrik Madsen.
    Some tools for identification of nonlinear time series. (27 pp.)

  23. M. Hindsberger and R.V.V. Vidal.
    Tabu search for target-radar allocation. (28 pp.)

  24. Henrik Aa. Nielsen, Klaus K. Andersen and Henrik Madsen.
    Emperisk bestemt model for elforbruget i Østdanmark. (12 pp.)

  25. Henrik Aa. Nielsen, Klaus K. Andersen and Henrik Madsen.
    SAS-makroer til estimation og prædiktion i elforbrugsmodel. (33 pp.)

  26. Søren Christiansen.
    Third and fifth order quadrature rules for investigating harmonic and biharmonic boundary integral operators. (24 pp.)

  27. Niels H. Hansen.
    Om brug af sandsynlighedsregning til vurdering af varigheden af et projekt. (9 pp.)

  28. Per S. Hansen.
    The pixy hat and the magic tartan. (18 pp.)

  29. Jens Clausen, and Antanas Zilinskas.
    Global optimization by means of branch and bound with simplex based covering. (14 pp.)

  30. P.S. Hansen.
    An adaptive triangular strip, part 1: Definition and basic operation. (30 pp.)

  31. T.S. Nielsen, H. Madsen and J. Tøfting.
    Practical experiences using on-line predictions of wind power. (29 pp.)