Regularization tools - A MATLAB package for analysis and solution of discrete ill-posed problems, version 3.0 for MATLAB 5.2.

Per Chr. Hansen

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 The package "Regularization Tools" consists of 53 Matlab routines for analysis and solution of discrete ill-posed problems, i.e., systems of linear equations whose coefficient matrix has the properties that its condition number is very large, and its singular values decay gradually to zero.

 Such problems typically arise in connection with discretization of Fredholm integral equations of the first kind, and similar ill-posed problems. Some form of regularization is always required in order to compute a stabilized solution to discrete ill-posed problems.

 The purpose of "Regularization Tools" is to provide the user with easy-to-use routines, based on numerical robust and efficient algorithms, for doing experiments with regularization of discrete ill-posed problems.

 By means of this package, the user can experiment with different regularization strategies, compare them, and draw conclusions from these experiments that would otherwise require a major programming effort. For discrete ill-posed problems, which are indeed difficult to treat numerically, such an approach is certainly superior to a single black-box routine.

Technical report 06/98

Last modified March 19, 1998
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