The LINPACK Benchmark in Co-Array Fortran

John K. Reid, Jan M. Rasmussen and Per Chr. Hansen (

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Co-array Fortran, abbreviated to CAF, is an extension of Fortran 90/95 for parallel programming that has been designed to be easy both for the compiler writer to implement and for the programmer to write and understand. It offers the prospect of clear and efficient parallel programming on homogeneous parallel systems.

A subset of Co-Array Fortran is available on the Cray T3E and the aim of this talk is to explain how the LINPACK benchmark can be written in this language and compare its performance with that of ScaLAPACK. We pay particular attention to the solution of a single set of equations since we have not found a clear description in the literature of an algorithm that is asymptotically fully parallel.

IMM technical report 14/2000

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