Technical reports 2000

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  1. Hans Bruun Nielsen: Separable NonLinear Least Squares (16 pp.)
  2. Søren Christiansen: Using maple V to derive and analyse a quadrature formula for a harmonic boundary integral operator. (23 pp.)
  3. Hans B. Nielsen: Multi-Exponential Fitting of Low-Field 1H NMR Data. (30 pp.)
  4. Per Chr. Hansen and P.Y. Yalamov: Computing symmetric rank-revealing decompositions via triangular factorization. (15 pp.)
  5. Kaj Madsen, and J. Zilinskas: Testing branch-and-bound methods for global optimization. (28 pp.)
  6. M. Nørgaard: KALMTOOL : State estimation for nonlinear systems. (46 pp.)
  7. Jan Nygaard Nielsen, Henrik Madsen, and Henrik Melgaard: Estimating parameters in discretely, partially observed stochastic differential equations.
  8. Kim Nolsøe, Jan N. Nielsen and Henrik Madsen: Optimal weights in prediction error and weighted least squares methods. (22 pp.)
  9. Mikkel Baadsgaard, Jan N. Nielsen and Henrik Madsen: Estimating multivariate exponential-affine term structure models from coupon bond prices using nonlinear filtrering. (21 pp.)
  10. Kim Nolsøe, Jan N. Nielsen and Henrik Madsen: Prediction-based estimating functions for diffusion processes with measurement noise. (25 pp.)
  11. P. Sadegh and H. Øjelund: Hierarchical local regression. (28 pp.)
  12. M.B. Stegmann, R. Fisker and B.K. Ersbøll: On properties of active shape models. (28 pp.)
  13. Per Chr. Hansen, Peter S.K. Hansen, S.D. Hansen and John Aa. Sørensen: Canonical filters and rank-reduction algorithms. (19 pp.)
  14. J.K. Reid, Jan M. Rasmussen and Per C. Hansen: The LINPACK Benchmark in Co-Array Fortran (7 pp.)
  15. Jesper Larsen, Jens Clausen and O.B.G. Madsen: Using parallel computers to solve the vehicle routing problem with time windows. (20 pp.)
  16. Hans Bruun Nielsen: Surrogate modelling and space mapping for engineering optimization. (41 pp.)
  17. Hans Bruun Nielsen: UTCP test problems for unconstrained optimization. (19 pp.)
  18. Thomas Kolenda and Lars Kai Hansen: Dynamical somponents of chat. (22 pp.)
  19. Hans Bruun Nielsen: UCMINF- An algoritm for unconstrained nonlinear optimization.