LySa - a process calculus

LySa is a process calculus for security protocols developed in collaboration between University of Pisa and Technical University of Denmark during the European Union IST/FET project DEGAS.



  • LySatool (version 2.02). Updated October 6, 2006.
    An ML implementation of the analysis from [BBDNN05] extented with an analysable meta-level as described in [buchholtz05].
  • For-LySa Extractor. An automatic tool for extracting LySa processes from UML models of security protocols as described in [BMPS04].
  • Choreographer. An intergrated tool for security and performance analysis of UML models, which uses the LySatool as an analysis back-end. More information may be found in [BGHM05].
Last updated October 6, 2006 by Elsebeth StrÝm