Appearance Models


NEWS FLASH: My post. doc. was completed in April 2006 directly followed by a position at 3Shape. However, this AAM site, the AAM-API and all papers, notes, theses, et cetera will still be available. You can contact me at mikkel 'at' stegmann 'dot' dk.

This site is dedicated to Active Appearance Models (AAM); a group of highly flexible deformable models introduced in the 1998 paper "Interpreting Face Images using Active Appearance Models" by Edwards, Taylor and Cootes of Manchester University. Refer the homepage of Tim Cootes to learn more about AAMs.

Material is added here on a regular basis about AAMs based on my Ph.D. work at Informatics and Mathematical Modelling, IMM, which is a part of The Technical University of Denmark, DTU.

Currently the site contains AAMs of bones, hearts, hands, faces, a sponge, a DAT cassette and pork chops. These models span a wide variety of image modalities such as x-ray, MRI and normal perspective images in gray scale and color.

The site also acts as home for the AAM-API which is an open source C++ AAM implementation. Further, you'll find some data sets and online publications on AAMs.

Download this report including an annotated training set if you would like to know more about shape models: A Brief Introduction to Statistical Shape Analysis.

Notice that Tim Cootes is now offering a free set of binary reference AAM tools (available for both linux and windows).


Mikkel B. Stegmann


06-21-2005 My Ph.D. thesis has been awarded the Nordic Award for the Best Ph.D. Thesis in Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition in the years 2003-2004 at SCIA'05. Many thanks to SCIA for this and to all people involved in the making of the thesis, in particular my coauthors and my supervisors.
12-10-2004 A paper on bitemporal 3D AAM based on 4D cardiac MRI is now available.

04-21-2004 Double hurrah! My Ph.D. thesis has now been defended and can be viewed online.

01-21-2004 Hurrah! My thesis has now been submitted. See thesis material for selected results. The thesis will be online after my defence.

07-01-2003 The tracking page has been spiced up a little. A happy birthday goes out to Katharina!

04-25-2003 A new AAM-API release is out. See the history file and download section for more info.

09-10-2002 The AAM-API page has been revamped a tad due to a new code release, which is both faster, more clean and offers some new functionality.

09-09-2002 A technical report on analysis of face images using AAMs is now available.

09-09-2002 Face images and annotations are added to the data set page.

09-04-2002 The tracking section now features the AAM-Mickey.

04-09-2002 Free data sets have now been made available.

03-06-2002 A Brief Introduction to Statistical Shape Analysis has been added to the publication list.

01-02-2002 Happy Newyear! Check out the AAMExplorer page for a small - but entertaining - educational program.

10-30-2001 The AAM-API Beta Package now features a slightly premature - however working - graphical front-end to some of the functionality. This makes it far easier to build models.

10-08-2001 More pseudeo-news: The models page have been updated with a movie of a 4D cardiac dataset.

09-18-2001 After a long hard struggle [man vs. machine] I finally succeeded in making a PDF version of my master's thesis that looks nice.

05-02-2001 ISMRM 2001 poster added to 'Publications'.

03-02-2001 Tracking section is slightly expanded. Section on face recognition added.

01-09-2001 PS and PDF drafts added of the SCIA 2001 paper.

12-20-2000 A section on rigid object tracking was added.

11-01-2000 Beta package of the AAM-API including full source code, project files etc. available on request.

10-11-2000 New version the AAM-API beta binaries under 'The AAM-API' (including demo files).

09-20-2000 2nd edition of the thesis is added for direct download/viewing under 'Publications'. Final powerpoint presentation also added under 'Publications'.

09-15-2000 Errata for my thesis added under 'Publications'.