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Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology

17th - 19th May 2010

The 8th French-Danish Workshop on Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology will take place 17, 18, and 19 May, 2010, in Copenhagen, Denmark in a collaboration between the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, and the University of Southern Denmark. The workshop is devoted to spatial statistics and image analysis and their applications in biology (agriculture, aquaculture, ecology, economy, environment, health, medicine,...). The previous 7th version of the workshop took place in Toulouse, France in May 2008.

Attendance is by invitation only. An oral presentation or a poster is expected from every participant. The number of participants is around 40.

Registration, title of presentation, and indication of type of presentation (“oral”, “poster”, “oral or poster”) should be done here: http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/dataanalyse/ssiab8/registration.php as soon as possible and no later than 1st March 2010.

A 2-4-page extended abstract should be sent as an attachment to Gilles Guillot gigu@imm.dtu.dk no later than 19th April 2010. The preferred format is: PDF, A4, 2.5 cm margins, 12 pt Times New Roman (except title: 14 pt boldface). Alternatively, a Latex or a Word-document may be sent, we will then do our best to convert it to PDF.

The workshop is supported by grants from the ITMAN graduate school at DTU Informatics, a PhD-funding source at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences and a PhD-funding source at University of Southern Denmark, National Institute of Public Health.

We have funding to cover the direct workshop costs, but participants must pay for their own travel and own accommodation. 30 hotel rooms have been reserved at a reduced rate (20 small rooms at a low rate http://www.cabinn.com/hoteller-i-koebenhavn/express/hotel-cabinn-express.html  and 10 standard rooms at ordinary rate http://www.radissonblu.com/falconerhotel-copenhagen ). In order to receive the reduced rate you must fill in and send the form found here as soon as possible (First come, first served). You may of course also book something yourself (you can often find good deals on the web – some even cheaper than we can get!).

Scientific committee

·        Chris Glasbey (BIOSS),

·        Eva Vedel Jensen (Aarhus University),

·        Antti Penttinen (Jyväskylä University)

·        Kiên Kiêu (INRA),

·        Joel Chadoeuf (INRA),

·        Kasper Bertelsen (Aalborg University),

·        Martin Schlather (Georg-August University, Göttingen)

Local organization committee



Poster: The size of the poster boards is 100x200 cm (WxH – so up to A0-portrait should be fine). Before the poster session there will be an opportunity to give a brief 2 minute presentation “poster teaser” (strict limit). 1-2-3 powerpoint slides of the theme of the poster can be shown. The powerpoint slides (not pdf - sorry) must be prepared in beforehand and sent to lhc@imm.dtu.dk (deadline: Wednesday 12 May), so we can concatenate them – there is no time for change of presentation/computer.

Oral: The oral presentations are scheduled to last 25 min including questions. Please bring your presentation on a memory stick, so it can be uploaded onto the computer used for presentation before the session you are in. This is to avoid annoying change-time. Powerpoint and PDF presentations will be possible.

Tentative workshop at a glance:

Monday, 17 May

·         11.00-12.00 Registration

·         12.00-13.00 Lunch – Bagels from http://www.thebagelco.dk/

·         13.00-14.20 Presentations (3)

1.      Glasbey, Chris: Dynamic programming versus graph cut algorithms for fitting non-parametric models to image data

2.      Hill, Bryony: Bayesian Analysis of Fibre Distribution

3.      Peyrard, Nathalie: Spatial sampling for occurrence map construction

·         14.20-14.50 Poster teasers (2 min per poster)

·         14.50-16.20 Poster viewing and coffee

4.      Chowdhury, Sharmin: Spatio-temporal distribution of Campylobacter infection in Danish broiler (meat producing chicken) farms: 2007 – 2009

5.      Clemmensen, Line: Sparse classification of fish species based on images

6.      Drouilhet, Remy: Existence of Gibbsian point processes with geometry-dependent interactions

7.      Ersbøll, Bjarne Kjær: Simulation of the null-hypothesis for the K-function in the analysis of spatial clustering for non-randomly distributed locations

8.      Guedj, Benjamin: Towards implementations of more efficient spatial prior for clustering population genetics data

9.      Guillot, Gilles: Correcting for ascertainment bias in the inference of population structure

10.  Kiêu, Kiên: Testing interactions for spatially heterogeneous point patterns with an application to centromere spatial analysis

11.  Larsen, Rasmus: Face Detection and Recognition in Video-Streams

12.  Ljungqvist, Martin: Image Analysis of Wound Healing in Fish

13.  Lyksborg, Mark: Increasing Cone-beam projection usage by temporal fitting

14.  Mrkvicka, Tomas: Goodness-of-fit test of the mark distribution in a point process with position dependent marks

15.  Nielsen, Allan Aasbjerg: Kernel Methods in Orthogonalization of Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Images of Maize Kernels

16.  Paulsen, Rasmus R.: Semi-automated tracking of behaviour of Betta splendens

17.  Thorup, Signe Strann: Multivariate Analysis of Variance: Finding significant growth in mice with craniofacial dysmorphology caused by the Crouzon mutation

·         16.20-17.40 Presentations (3)

18.  Kristensen, Kasper: Spatio-temporal modelling of fish abundance

19.  Soubeyrand, Samuel: Inferring pest dynamics from invasion front data

20.  Syed, Sayeem Uddin Ahmed: Exploratory risk mapping of HPAI in Bangladesh and some methodological issues 

·         19.00-xx.xx Dinner at Kartellet, Allegade 8, Frederiksberg http://kartellet.nu/

Tuesday, 18 May

·         09.00-10.20 Presentations (3)

21.  Särkkä, Aila: Models for the structure of concrete

22.  Thönnes, Elke: Beyond densitometry: using integral geometry and functional data analysis to characterise HRCT lung scans

23.  Illian, Janine: Complex point process modelling - Cox processes with temporally varying effects

·         10.20-11.00 Coffee break

·         11.00-12.20 Presentations (3)

24.  Benes, Viktor: A two-stage model in stochastic geometry with an application

25.  Berg, Christian: Some recent results about Student t-distributions

26.  Corset, Franck: Continuum Percolation in the Relative Neighborhood Graph   

·         12.20-13.20 Lunch at KU-Life’s cafeteria http://www.life.ku.dk/Maalgruppe/medarbejdere/services/kantine.aspx

·         13.20-14.40 Presentations (3)

27.  Coeurjolly, Jean-François: Residuals and goodness-of-fit tests for stationary marked Gibbs point processes

28.  Myllymäki, Mari: Thinnings of marked point patterns through Bitterlich's device

29.  Waagepetersen, Rasmus: Estimation of the pair correlation function for an inhomogeneous spatial point process using a baseline point process

·         14.40-15.00 Coffee break

·         15.00-15.50 Presentations (2)

30.  Bihrmann, Kristine: Paratuberculosis in Danish dairy herds

31.  Themudo, Gonçalo: Spatio-temporal distribution of Aleutian mink disease in Denmark

·         16.00-17.00 Transportation to

·         17.00-18.00 Canal tour in Copenhagen http://www.havnerundfart.eu/eng/index.php?page=engSejlrute.php

·         18.00-19.00 Transportation to

·         19.00-xx.xx Dinner at Hansen’s Køkken og Bar, Frederiksberg Allé 11, København V http://www.hansenskoekkenogbar.dk/

Wednesday, 19 May

·         09.00-10.20 Presentations (3)

32.  Schlather, Martin: Maxima of Gaussian random fields

33.  Berthelsen, Kasper Klitgaard: Marked pairwise interaction point processes with intensity-dependent marks

34.  Møller, Jesper: Transforming spatial point processes into Poisson processes using random superposition 

·         10.20-11.00 Coffee break

·         11.00-12.20 Presentations (3)

35.  Rasmussen, Jakob Gulddahl: Bayesian inference for the Hawkes process

36.  Rubak, Ege: Score, pseudo-score and residual diagnostics for goodness-of-fit of spatial point process models

37.  Ersbøll, Annette Kjær: Spatial survival analysis of time to bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV) infection during eradication in Denmark 1995-1998

·         12.20-13.20 Lunch at KU-Life’s cafeteria http://www.life.ku.dk/Maalgruppe/medarbejdere/services/kantine.aspx

·         13.20-xx.xx Departure


The workshop will take place at the Grand Auditorium at University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences.

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences, Lecture Hall 1-01, Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg C.

There is a Metro station “Lufthavnen” at the airport, see http://intl.m.dk/  The closest Metro station near the venue is either “Forum” or “Frederiksberg”. From either station there is a walk of about 1200m to the venue. A taxi from the airport takes about 20 min and costs about DKK 150-200 (20-25 EUR).

Social Program

On both Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th a there will be dinner in nearby restaurants. On Tuesday 18th in the afternoon there will be a social event.