ITSIP Workshop 2009: Programme

This is the second annual workshop under the auspices of the "IT Security for the Citizens" research programme sponsored by the Danish Strategic Research Council. The focus of these workshops is on IT security in a practical context: How do we improve IT security, so ordinary citizens can use Information Technology in a more secure manner? The name ITSIP used for the workshops stands for "IT Security In Practice", reflecting this focus.

Reflecting the broad scope of the "IT Security for the Citizens" programme, the workshops consider not only technical approaches to improving security, but also user-oriented issues such as usability and user awareness and how to improve these.

This year the ITSIP workshop will take place at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Registration and all presentations will take place in Auditorium 11, Building 308 at the Technical University.

Date Time Presentation
Thu 14 May 12.00-13.30 Registration and Lunch
13.30-15.10 Welcome and introduction, Robin Sharp

Ivan Damgaard/Gert Mikkelsen, Aarhus U.: "The ITSCI prototype".

Ivan Damgaard/Gert Mikkelsen, Aarhus U.: "Key generation".

Peter Wolkerstorfer, Center for Usability Research and Engineering, Wien: "Usable Security in PrimeLife".

Coffee break
15.30-16.45 Alejandro Hernandez, IMM, DTU: "Distributed security policies".

Han Gao, IMM, DTU: "Modelling service oriented applications".

18.30-?? Dinner
Fre 15 May 09.00-10.00 Robin Sharp, IMM, DTU: "CIT-AWARE: Measuring Citizens' Awareness of IT Security Issues".

Jacob Pettersson, IMM, DTU: "Improving security awareness in a company".

Coffee break
10.20-12.00 Susanne Bødker, Aarhus U.: "User-centered security".

Niels R. Mathiasen, Aarhus U.: "Social navigation as an approach to security".

Panel: "Where are we now?"

Closing remarks

12.00 Lunch

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