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The following classes can be downloaded and tested. Feedback are welcome. When the classes are mature, they will be added to the official Visualization Toolkit distribution. They are tested with VTK version 4.1.1. The revision numbers in the source code are from my local CVS repository. The source code has been compiled succesfully using Visual C++ 6.0.

Single Source Shortest Path (Dijkstra)
vtkPolyDataSingleSourceShortestPath is a filter that takes as input a polygonal mesh and performs a single source shortest path calculation. Dijkstra's algorithm is used. The implementation is similar to the one described in Introduction to Algorithms (Second Edition) by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Cliff Stein, published by MIT Press and McGraw-Hill. Some minor enhancement are added though. All vertices are not pushed on the heap at start, instead a front set is maintained. The heap is implemented as a binary heap. The output of the filter is a set of lines describing the shortest path from StartVertex to EndVertex. spathtest.cpp vtkPolyDataSingleSourceShortestPath.h vtkPolyDataSingleSourceShortestPath.cpp path on sphere

3D Gaussian Point Cloud Source
vtkGaussPointCloudSource creates a Gaussian distributed 3D point cloud centered at the origin. It is possible to specify the number of points and the standard deviation along the X, Y and Z axes. gausspointcloudtest.cpp vtkGaussPointCloudSource.h vtkGaussPointCloudSource.cxx Gaussian point cloud

3D Grid Source
vtk3DGridSource creates a 3D grid centered at origin. The grid is represented with lines. It is possible to specify the length, width, and height of the grid independently. Also the number of cubes in the grid can be specified. gridtest.cpp vtk3DGridSource.h vtk3DGridSource.cxx 3D Grid

Principal Axis Transform
vtkPrincipalAxisTransform generates a transform that scales, translates and rotates a given object to the principal axis of the input data. If the input data is a Gaussian distributed point cloud and the transformation is applied to a unit sphere, the transformed sphere will show the covariance structure of the point cloud. It is possible to specify if the transform shall include rotation, translation, scaling or all of them. TestPrincipalAxisTransform.cpp vtkPrincipalAxisTransform.h vtkPrincipalAxisTransform.cpp Principal Axis Transform

IMM Surface Annotation Toolkit
A small toolkit that can be used to place landmarks on polygonal surfaces. A plane can also be placed using the new vtkPlaneWidget. The toolkit requires a recent nightly build (July 2002). isa0_3_1.zip

A not very updated installation manual can be donwloaded here: Installing VTK 4.1.x on a Windows PC.
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