MATLS: Multivariate Analysis for the Technical and Life Sciences, 25/5 2010


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08.30-09.00     Registration.    


09.00-09.10     Welcome and Introduction, MATLS coordinators: Post doc Stina Frosch, DTU Food, Professor Per B. Brockhoff and Professor Bjarne Ersbøl, DTU Informatics.


Industrial applications of multivariate data analysis

09.10-09.50     Forecasting and optimisation tools enabling integration of a large share of renewable energy. Chief Technical Officer Henrik Aalborg Nielsen , Enfor A/S.


09.50-10.30     Multivariate analyses of cross modal perception sound logos and text strings, Head of Department Nick Zacharov,  SenseLab,  DELTA Test & Consultancy


Bio- and chemoinformatics:

11.00-11.30     Computational dissection of tumor gene expression profiles, Postdoc Aron Eklund, DTU Biosys.


11.30-12.00     Chemoinformatics in drug discovery. Associate Professor Irene Kouskoumevkaki, DTU Biosys.


12.00-12.30:    Poster teasers

12:30-13.30     Lunch and poster session


Multivariate analysis in food science and chemometrics:

13.30-13.55:    Center for imaging food quality, Professor Rasmus Larsen, DTU Informatics.


13.55-14.20:    Near-infrared measurements on fish – where, why and how, Associate Professor Bo Jørgensen, DTU Food.


14.20-14.45:    Kernel based subspace projections of near infrared hyperspectral images of maize kernels, Associate Professor Allan Aasbjerg Nielsen, DTU Space.


14:45-15.10     Multivariate Analysis of Sensory Data, Professor Per B Brockhoff, DTU Informatics


15:10-15:40     Coffee


15:40-16:40     Software Tutorial: Sparse Linear and Mixture discriminant analysis in R.  Assistant Professor Line H. Clemmensen, DTU Dataanalyse.



16:40-17:00     Spatio-temporal modelling of fish abundance, Researcher Kasper Kristensen, DTU Informatics.   


17:00-17:20     Multivariate Analysis of Variance: Finding significant growth in mice with craniofacial dysmorphology caused by the Crouzon mutation, Ph.D. Student, Ph.D. Student Signe Strann Thorup, DTU Informatics.


17:20-17:40     Statistical inference of population genetics structure, Associate Professor Gilles Guillot, DTU Informatics.


17:40-18:40     Beer


19:00               MATLS Dinner, Fortunen.



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Per Bruun Brockhoff

Stina Frosch, DTU Food

Bjarne Ersbøl, DTU Informatics