Per Christian Hansen
Professor, dr.techn.
VILLUM Investigator

My specialization is numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, iterative reconstruction methods, and computational methods for inverse problems. My research lies within applied mathematics: theoretical analysis (e.g., perturbation theory and convergence analysis) goes hand in hand with practical development and implementation of robust, adaptive and efficient computational methods.

These slides give a brief overview of my research in inverse problems.

My results are of general interest in scientific computing and, in particular, computational inverse problems. Some of my work has applications in computed tomography for materials science, image deblurring, signal analysis, and antenna design. I have written 4 books, 100+ scientific papers and several Matlab software packages.

I hold a VILLUM Investigator grant which allows me build a new research initiative CUQI at DTU for Computational Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems. The goal is to create a computational platform, suited for non-experts, to characterize and study how errors and uncertainties in the data and the mathematical models propagate to the computed solution to the inverse problem.

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Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (DTU Compute)
Section for Scientific Computing
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Office: building 303B, room 114

URL: (this page)
Phone: +45
Mobil: +45
Skype: perchristianhansen

Secretary: Anette Iversen, Building 303B, room 005. Phone: +45 Email:

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SIAM Fellow of 2015 for contributions to algorithms for rank-deficient and discrete ill-posed problems and regularization techniques.

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