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Contact Information:

Anh-Dung Phan

Embedded Systems Engineering Section
DTU Compute
Technical University of Denmark

Richard Petersens Plads
Building 322, Room 221
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Phone: (+45) 4525 5290
Email: padu (at) dtu (dot) dk

Research Interests

In my PhD study, I'm working on the project named "Modelling and Analysis for Cyber-Physical Systems". I'm interested in techniques for formalizing the discrete properties and continuous properties of a cyber-physical system. The goal is to ensure correctness and safety in designing such systems. The main tools which help me along the way are model checking, SMT solving and functional programming.


From functional programming to multicore parallelism: A case study based on Presburger Arithmetic
Anh-Dung Phan, Michael R. Hansen
Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory (NWPT)
Västerås, Sweden, 2011

Anatomy of Alternating Quantifier Satisfiability (Work in progress)
Anh-Dung Phan, Nikolaj Bjørner and David Monniaux
10th International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT)
Manchester, UK, 2012