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Paper MPEG 7 Audio Features and Descriptors


Speaker Recognition Using MPEG-7 Descriptors *

Comparing MFCC and MPEG7 Audio features

MPEG-7 overview

About MPEG 7 audio features *

MPEG7 Tools for Semantic Audio Description and processing

MPEG 7 Audio-- What is it about *

Audio Descriptors and Descriptor Schemes in the Context of MPEG-7 *

Audio Thumbnailing Using MPEG7 Low Level Audio Descriptors

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Automatic Speaker Recognition *

Speaker Recognition *

Pitch detection

Weighted Autocorrelation for Pitch Extraction of Noisy Speech

Music Genre Classification Decision Time Horizon for Music Genre Classification Using Short Time Features *
Speaker Recognition

1. Tutorial

2. Over Telephone Channels

3. Multi-Spectral Data Fusion

4. Real-Time Text- Independent Speaker Identification

5. Cepstrum-like ICA

6. GMM

7. NN


9. Multi-speaker environment

10. Master thesis

1.1 Tutorial

 1.2 An Overview of Automatic Speaker Recognition Technology

2.1 Probabilistic Neural Network Combined with GMMs for Speaker Recognition over Telephone Channels

 2.2 Robust Text-Independent Speaker Identification over Telephone Channels

3. A Multi-Spectral Data Fusion Approach to Speaker Recognition

4. Real-Time Text-Independent Speaker Identification System

5. Cepstrum-like ICA Representations For Text Independent Speaker Recognition

6. GMM Speaker Identification

7. Text-dependent Speaker Identification Using Neural Network On Distinctive Thai Tone Marks

8. Clustering for speaker identification using Pitch correlogram

9. Speaker Recognition in a Multi-Speaker Environment

10.1 Real-time speaker recognition

 10.2 Speaker Recognition

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