Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence

AI is concerned with the development of autonomous agents (computer systems that sense and act). (*)

A quote from Genesereth & Nilsson [Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence 1987] page 6:

The view taken toward AI in this book follows the theme hinted at by Leibniz and Frege and then substantially elaborated and developed into specific proposals by McCarthy [Programs with Common Sense 1958]...

It is based on two related ideas:

For a more up-to-date overview see the landmark volume by Jack Minker (editor): Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence [2001]

(*) In principle such agents range from simple thermostats over advanced chess programs to robots that may eventually pass the Turing Test.

Jørgen Villadsen 2006-12-30 imm.dtu.dk/~jv/ai