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Dear MMC master student,

We (the programme coordinator group behind the MMC master) would like to welcome you as a student in our master programme. Some of you from February 08 and some of you from September 08.

Hopefully you  will arrive rested after a long summer vacation and ready for new studies in September. We would like to invite you all to lunch on 29 August.

If you come from abroad International Affairs at DTU will invited you to a "starting week" the last week in August. The Welcome reception scheduled on 29 August will be held as a lunch meeting from 12-14 o'clock at DTU Informatics (IMM), Building 321, Room 053 Food and drinks will be served.

We know that it is difficult to choose courses before you arrive, so at this meeting you will have the possibility to discuss and adjust your own study plan with a scientific team.  At the same time we hope you will socialize with old and new students.

We are very happy that you are a group with many different backgrounds, experiences, and skills - coming from different countries, different universities and different bachelor programmes. We hope and believe that this will create an inspirering environment both for you and us. Of course your studies will need hard work, but you will hopefully also find time for social events and good friendship. 

We try to collect and update all relevant information about the MMC master
at our homepage.
Please visit

Helle  is the scientific coordinator, Janne is the administrative coordinator  and Christian is scientific co-coordinator - don´t hesitate to ask us if you have questions on any kind.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

MMC regards with our best wishes,
Janne Kofod Lassen, Helle Rootzén and Christian Henriksen


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