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The first Intro Event for MMC-master students

On the 3 September 2007 at 12-13 the MMC-master coordinators hosted the first Intro Event for the MMC-master students. Members of the MMC-supporting faculty group - Jens Clausen, Per Christian Hansen, Jan Larsen, Bjarne Ersbøll, Lasse E. Christiansen, Kirsten Philipsen - joined the event too.
The long table in room 053 was laid. The MMC-posters came in handy as service plates and sandwich and drinks were served.
Different papers - one explaining the colour codes in the "Flag Model", and one presenting the courselist in more details - were presented.


The event was ment to be a workshop for making syllabuses where the students could consult the lecturers about choice of courses and their personal syllabus as a whole.



The coordinator and the lectures - one from each MM-section and MAT introducing their own field of science - were introduced. During this we killed the sandwiches. Afterwards we all mingled and talked about courses and syllabuses.

It-support had printed 7 different suggestions to study plans - designed and edited by Thomas Hjort Jensen (webmaster) in colaboration with JKL after suggestions from the supporting group members.
The posters were hanged on the wall as newspapers and from that background we had our dialogs.

intro introOf the 27 MMC-master students - more are joining us in these days - 15 had decided to come.
A lot of questions were asked during the event - and we enjoied the dialogs - lecturer student - in a very good atmosphere.

A few students were invited before they decided to join the MMC-master.

Fortunately we shall meet again on Wednesday the 5 September where a more social event will take place at 17-19. Same place.

Janne Kofod Lassen

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