Lorenz-Mie theory - the scattering phase function of a spherical particle

By Jeppe Revall Frisvad (based on one paper [Frisvad et al. 2007] for the Lorenz-Mie coefficients and another paper [Frisvad 2018] for the angular distribution)

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Light wavelength:
Particle radius:
Particle index of refration: + i
Medium index of refraction: + i
Incident wave inhomogeneity: + i
Polarization components: ⊥ , ||

Classic Lorenz-Mie theory [Lorenz 1890; Mie 1908; Bohren and Huffman 1983; Frisvad et al. 2007]
Lorenz-Mie for inhomogeneous waves in absorbing media [Frisvad 2018]
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