Teaching Demos

Spline interpolation     spldemo.m

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MATLAB program that demonstrates effects of the number and positions of interior knots. Physical spline
Zeros of functions  zerodemo.m MATLAB program that demonstrates the use of Newton's method to find a root of a polynomial. Close to a root
Nonlinear Systems of Equations Illustrates the application of Newton's method. Which root?
Optimization    optdemo.m

Also see    Software

Demonstrates the use of optimization methods on the "banana" (or Rosenbrock) function, 
     f(x,y) = 0.5(x - 1)2 + 50*(y - x2)2

Choice between 6 differents methods, combined with 3 types of line search.

Step and goal
Data fitting Choice of parameters in a nonlinear model of given data points.

You can interactively choose the parameter values or you can call an optimizer that returns the optimal choice (in the least squares sense).

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