Error during compilation of DIVA

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Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2001 2:40 PM
Subject: Problem building DIVA wizard project
> I am trying to build a project using the DIVA wizard as described in the
> "Creating a New Application" section.
> On building a get an error that:
> \diva\diva classes\dimageinitial.inl(96) : error C2065:
> 'CVisFnOpRGBAIntensity' : undeclared identifier
> The code section in dimageinitial.inl is:
> // call a secrect VisSDK function, which create the intensity
> VisMap2(CVisFnOpRGBAIntensity(), *this, const_cast
>  >&>(refimageRGBA));
> I am using DIVA 2.2.3 VisSDK 1.2.0 and IPL v2.5 on NT4sp6 MSVC6sp4
>      Thanks
>          XXX


The 'CVisFnOpRGBAIntensity' macro was removed in VisSDK v1.2. The macro maps
a 4 band RGBA pixel into a scalar intensity - e.g. for converting from RGB
to grayscale byte.

If you don't need this functionality you will not get any problems by
removing the line.

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Mikkel B. Stegmann
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