Class Description

CVisHipsFileHandler is derived from the CVisFileHandler class. It reads from and writes to HIPS image files. The file handler supports the following pixel types:
evispixfmtGrayByte PFBYTE
evispixfmtGrayInt PFINT
evispixfmtGrayFloat PFFLOAT
evispixfmtGrayDouble PFDOUBLE
evispixfmtGrayRGBAByte PFRGB
evispixfmtGrayRGBAFloat PFRGBFLT (not an official HIPS format)

To use the CVisHipsfilehandler see the CVisHipsFileHandler installation instructions.


CVisHipsFileHandler (void)

Returns a handler for Hips image file I/O.

~CVisHipsFileHandler (void)




File Handler


virtual BOOL SupportsPixelType
    (int evispixfmt,
     int nbands)

Returns true if the handler supports images of the specified pixel type with the specified number of bands.
Argument Description
evispixfmt EVisPixFmt enumerated constant specifying image format
nbands number of bands in image



virtual BOOL MatchExtension (char *szFiletype)

Returns true if the file extension given by szFiletype matches a type supported by this file handler (PS, EPS). Case is ignored.
Argument Description
szFiletype pointer to string with file extension


File I/O


virtual BOOL ReadHeader
    (SVisFileDescriptor &fd,
     class CVisImageBase &img)


virtual BOOL ReadBody
    (SVisFileDescriptor &fd,
     class CVisImageBase &img)

Attempts to read the file header or body, respectively. Returns true if successful. Returns false or throws an exception if not successful. If the image file contains a sequence (more than 1 image) all the images in the sequence are read as into the image expanding it in the vertical direction. If the file contains more than one image all the images are read into the image and the image is expanded vertically. The frame_number variable in the filedescriptor is set to the number of images in the sequence.


virtual BOOL WriteHeader
    (SVisFileDescriptor &fd,
     class CVisImageBase &img)


virtual BOOL WriteBody
    (SVisFileDescriptor &fd,
     class CVisImageBase &img)

Attempts to write the file header or body, respectively. Returns true if successful. Returns false or throws an exception if not successful. In the hips header the num of frames will be set equal to frame_number in the filedescriptor.
Argument Description
fd reference to a file descriptor
img reference to an image that is to be written to the file, or that is to contain the image read from the file


Copyright, 1998
Section for Image Analysis
Department of Mathematical Modelling
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Lyngby

Authors: Lars G. Knudsen & Rune Fisker

Last updated: 24-09-98