Dines Bjørner: Memoir Excerpts: Trivia & Miscellanea

Professor of Computing Science (Emeritus). Fredsvej 11, DK-2840 Holte, Denmark

Dr.h.c., MAE, MRANS (AB), ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow

June 1, 2010


This document is for display through this Academia Europaea web page: www.ae-info.org/ae/User/Bjørner_Dines. Its present state, June 1, 2010, is ``grossly'' incomplete and ``totally'' unchecked ! The present text is intended to supplement my CV:www.ae-info.org/ae/User/Bjørner_Dines/CV. More anecdotes are to be supplied.

I do have a larger text, some 260 pages, of further trivia -- but it is meant only for my closest family: children and grandchildren. It was first written on request by the Royal Danish Office of CVs for those persons who have been bestowed by a Royal order.

Dines Bjorner 2010-06-01