Call Center Capacity Planning
PhD student: Nielsen, Thomas Bang

Distributions with rational LST
with Mogens Bladt

Applications of and statistical inference for Multivariate Matrix Exponential Distributions
PhD student: Luz Judith R Esparza

ScaLing from Individuals to Populations:
A Danish research network in marine biolgy. One phd. student will be working from IMM within the network.

Traffic Simulation:
A phd. study supported by a grant from Danish Transport Council (Transportraadet) and Vejdirektoratet. The project group consists of Tetraplan A/S by Jan Holm, and Syddansk Universitet by Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff (supervisor) and Morten Monrad Petersen (phd. student).
A Ph.D Scholarship: Stochastic Model to Describe Traffic Dynamics in Time Intervals with Stationary Traffic

Matrix Analytic Methods
Methodological research on theoretical and numerical aspects of computational probability.
Allan T. Andersen
Research partners: Teletraffic Research Center - University of Adelaide
Peter G. Taylor, Nigel Bean
University of Arizona: Professor emeritus Marcel F. Neuts. Several publications
AT&T Research, with Dr. V. Ramaswami. Publication

Topics in network planning.
Current interests mobile communication, measuring IP-traffic. With Villy B. Iversen and Lars Staalhagen, COM, Tele Denmark, Babeltech A/S. Several publications

Stochasitc modelling in Medicine/TELEMEDICINE
With DSI Danish Institute for Health Services Research